Read One Piece Manga Chapter 631


Vander Decken IX sobs that Shirahoshi doesn’t love him and even shaves his hair in grief, if only on the top of his head. He gets angry when his crew tries to comfort him and breaks into a haiku about Shirahoshi, saying he’s not her type. Decken wants to kill her, but everything he sends at her is blocked by Luffy. Then he gets an idea that involves smashing something completely to pieces.
In Gyoverly Hills, the citizens are shocked. The sea beasts easily defeated Neptune’s army. The Minister of the Left lamented that they had almost made it to the Levels this year and that Queen Otohime’s dream had almost come true before all of this happened. He begs God to allow some miracle to happen and for the king to be executed in an hour.
At the entrance to Gyoncorde Plaza, the New Fish-Man Pirates blocked the citizens from entering. In the square, Neptune is on the gallows (which is the same place where Queen Otohime was murdered). Due to surviving an overdose of energy steroids, Hody Jones has mutated into a monster of his former self. King Neptune laments the killing of his soldiers while the pirates mock them. A soldier gets up with dynamite and intends to blow himself up, hopefully taking some of the pirate leaders with him. But Hody hits him with a water missile, and to everyone’s surprise, the missile flies over Fish-Man Island and lands right in front of Mermaid Cove. His crew comment on how he was just on the brink of death and how his hair turned white. Hody, still amazed by his strength, says it feels incredible.
Just then, the three princes arrive at the square. The pirates, save the leader, panic and the king warns them to beware of sea beasts and drugged pirates. Ryuboshi says there is no way Neptune’s army can be defeated so easily and just wait for him. Fukaboshi calls the Hody and the pirates the weakest people on the island and that the citizens of Fish-Man Island have already gotten past humanity’s discrimination and that the river of time has already washed away the “Legend” and “Queen” killed by humans and that the citizens have endured the pain and signed a petition asking, why the pirates cannot understand their determination and that the pirates who are swashbuckling in revenge will not take their kings, citizens or kingdoms, and the princes will defeat the sea beasts in a fallen raid. Manboshi says they will defeat them and choose a future of love with humanity. Ryuboshi says that even if the pirate wins, they will never get the chance to make peace with the humans again. The citizens cheer for the princes as Hody tells them they can say whatever they want, eventually the Island falls to the victor and the battle between the princes and the pirates begins.
Meanwhile, Jinbe and Shirahoshi drive Megalo to the square.

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