Read One Piece Manga Chapter 632


The chapter opens with the three defeated princes tied to Neptune’s side. Shirahoshi and Jinbe are above Gyoncorde Plaza and see what looks like Neptune. The princes apologize to their father for letting the land fall into Hody’s hands. The New Fish-Man Pirates are excited and devise different ways to kill their captives. Hody tells them to be quiet as there is no news from Decken and his crew about Shirahoshi’s death. Without her leaving, the plan would be meaningless. Manboshi is furious with Hody for targeting Shirahoshi, who isn’t even a threat. Hody replies that, on the contrary, Shirahoshi is the biggest threat to him. Just then, Shirahoshi, Jinbe, and Megalo fall to the ground in chains. Jones thinks it’s his lucky day because the two he wanted to kill the most fell right in front of him. Shirahoshi apologizes for falling into such an obvious trap. The citizens are surprised by the arrival of both people. Hody says that the only people left are the Straw Hats, who should have arrived at Ryugu’s palace by now. But that doesn’t matter because preparations have been made. Pirates start to emerge from a nearby building. There are 70,000 pirates and 30,000 human slaves, giving Hody an army of 100,000.
Someone in the crowd calls out to Hody and tells him not to get carried away. It’s Madam Shyarly. Shyarly tells him about his prediction about the destruction of Fish-Man Island. Hody is not surprised and asks if he was the one she saw from her prediction. Shyarly tells him that it is Luffy who is going to destroy the island. Hody shoots her in anger that he might contradict him. Hody then asks if this is her idea for revenge. He tells her that he is different from her older brother Arlong, who was admired in the Fish-Man District. But he gained power. He set his plan in motion ten years ago. Hody Jones then reveals that he was the one who killed Queen Otohime. Everyone is shocked. The officers laugh and Daruma asks how they couldn’t notice this now. Hody explains that he got back at the man for setting the petition box on fire by shooting her. Amidst the panic it caused, he shot Otohime and then framed the man. Neptune rages, but Hody Water Shots him at point blank range. He then tells everyone that Otohime’s ideals made her death inevitable, asking Shirahoshi if he was right and telling her again that he killed her mother. Much to everyone’s surprise, Shirahoshi tells him that she already knew about it.
The scene changes to the Fish-Man District. The flying pirates panic. Vander Decken IX tells him that a long time ago, the people of Fish-Man Island made a giant ship called Noah, which he just touched with his right hand. The ship is now heading to Fish-Man Island, where Shirahoshi is.

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