Read One Piece Manga Chapter 633


Shirahoshi explains why she kept the fact that Hody Jones killed her mother a secret for ten years. It was because of the promise she made to her mother on her deathbed that she would bear no hatred or grudge against anyone. She also explained that Megalo saw Hody shoot the queen and told her later. Jinbe comments on how brave and gentle Shirahoshi is to actually do such a thing. Hody just laughs and says that what Shirahoshi did is called stupidity in the real world. Had it not been for her silence, Hody’s plans would have been thwarted. But thanks to her, the country will now go to ruin. Hody then attacks the king and prince with “Yabusame” fire. All three are now unconscious after the attack.
Some kids approach Madam Shyarly and ask her when Luffy will destroy the island. Shyarly tells them she doesn’t know because her vision never gives data. It can be from a day to a year or even longer. One of the kids tells her that she wants it to happen now because the rampage would be bad for them, but also for Hody. Some adults hear this too and agree. They then call for Luffy to come to the square and begin his rampage. Hody is amazed that people cling to such lies, and Zeo adds that their outcry is useless. Hody is then about to take Neptune’s head, but as he pulls his arm back, Megalo starts acting weird and spits someone out. The person he spit out fades away in a blur and Hody only catches a glimpse of him, giving him no time to react as Luffy delivers a devastating kick to his chest.
Hody is thrown back by the attack and everyone is excited that Luffy has arrived. Zeo and Daruma realize that he was hiding in Megal’s mouth the whole time. Jinbe was a bit surprised that Luffy came out, but found that it couldn’t be helped and yells at the people to hurry up, as an invisible voice told him that they were in a hurry from the start, and for Luffy to go as planned would be a miracle. . The mirage dissolves and Nami steps out, holding the sky dragon letter. She tells Jinbe that she gave Robin the keys to the royal family’s shackles. Arms appear on the handcuffed royal queens and keys go into the locks. Someone then points to the sky and sees a whale and a lion. Franky fires the Gaon Cannon at the New Fish-Man Pirates and then tells Hoe that now is his chance. Hoe grabs the wounded royals and takes off. Dosun’s attempts to stop him are futile. Fukaboshi tells his father that it looks like Jinbe was planning with the Straw Hats as the Thousand Sunny crashes into the square. The locals then bombard Luffy with questions. Is he really planning to destroy the island? Why did they occupy the palace? Did he kidnap mermaids? Is it friend or foe of the island? Ready to battle Jinbo and his crew, Luffy tells the people that he will leave it up to them to decide if he is their enemy or not.

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