Read One Piece Manga Chapter 636


The New Fish-Man Pirates are furious that Surume betrayed them. Luffy orders him to protect Shirahoshi. Chopper realizes they are all avoiding them, thinking they must be afraid of the tank. Usopp then tells him that the tank is shaking. He then falls into a hole in the ground. Daruma appears and tells them that he ate from the ground to make it collapse. He then targets Franky’s bike. He doesn’t have to do anything, though, because Franky falls into the same hole as the tank. Franky asks if the others are okay, then kicks them out of the hole, saying it’s a one-person vehicle. He then has the Brachio Tank V and Kurosai FR-U IV perform a docking maneuver. He emerges from the hole as General Franky, a giant robot that looks like Franky. Usopp and Chopper stare in amazement. Franky then says that he realized Vegapunk’s earlier dream by modifying Wapometal, an alloy with shape memory. Franky then pulls out a giant sword on the robot’s back and calls it a raider sword, Franken. He then uses General Ashimoto Dangerous, a low sweeping attack where he swings his sword across the ground. Pirates easily avoid this by jumping over it when it gets to them, saying it’s dangerously cheap.
Franky was a step ahead of them. He emerges from the hatch in the robot’s chest and uses the Franky Cannon, firing cannons into his own shoulders. The pirate tries to attack Nami, saying she looks weak. Nami just tells him that she may not look scary, but don’t underestimate Weatheria’s power (not to mock Weatheria). He then uses Sorcery Clima-Tact: Gust Sword. Usopp attacks the band of pirates with the Bamboo Javelin, an attack that causes bamboo to shoot out of the ground and stab anyone nearby. She then shouts her thanks to Heracles and says that she is starting a new chapter in her life. Meanwhile, Daruma is underground again, making more traps. He then hears someone else underground with him. The next thing people see is Daruma being blasted off the ground, followed by Chopper in the new and improved Horn Point, who says he’s also good at kicking. Luffy asks Chopper how he turned into a horned. Chopper explains that he can now freely switch between six of his seven transformations whenever he wants, and only needs the Rumble Ball to change into the last one. Daruma calls him conceited and says he will tear Chopper to pieces. Chopper corrects him for being a cocky “monster”.
Hody calls out to the kraken and tells him he did a good job capturing Shirahoshi. He tells Surume that he can go kill his brothers at the North Pole whenever he wants, and he will if Surume keeps betraying them. Surume starts to tighten his grip, making Shirahoshi uncomfortable. Luffy now understands why Surume had to join the New Fish-Man Pirates. He then tells Suruma that he will protect his brothers as well. Dosun and Ikaros Much try to attack Luffy, but are intercepted and knocked to the ground by Zoro and Sanji. Hody orders his men to attack Luffy, but he disappears before they can do anything. Before they can figure out where he went, Luffy reappears and delivers a devastating kick to Hody’s jaw. Noah then appears on the horizon. Neptune, resting with his sons, sees this and panics. Fukaboshi tries to calm him down, saying it’s unexpected, but definitely nothing they can’t handle. Neptune tells him that no one can move the ship and until “the day that must come” the ship must not be moved at all.

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