Read One Piece Manga Chapter 637


The New Fish-Man Pirates are amazed at Hody Jones’ new found strength and endurance and that Luffy was able to hurt him. Luffy comments that Hody is built like a tank. Hody asks Luffy if he knows what Fish-Man Karate is as he thrusts his palm forward. Luffy’s head flies back and the pirates think he’s done, but Luffy tells Hody that it won’t work on him because he’s made of rubber. Luffy then infuses his forehead with Busoshoku Haki. Before he can fire, he gets in front of Hody’s Iron Shell Division, which protects him from attack. Luffy runs into them and knocks them out with Gomu Gomu no Kane. Jones is about to attack Luffy with a reverse roundhouse kick, but Luffy drives his Busoshoku Haki into his arm and stops Hody’s kick, injuring Hody. He then swings his legs over his head and delivers a devastating Haki-infused kick to Hody’s head. Hody attacks Luffy with Yabusame, but Luffy manages to dodge them all with Kenbunshoku Haki. He then throws a Haki-infused fist into Hody’s stomach and blasts him into the rock wall around the square. Everyone is amazed at Luffy’s strength.
Suddenly the square goes dark. Noah has arrived on the island and is trying to break the bubble. If the bubble bursts, part of the island would be destroyed. Everyone panics and wonders how Noah could have moved. Everyone then sees someone falling from the sky. Wadatsumi falls and hits his head. He then gets up and calls out to Vander Decken IX to stop Noah because his foot slipped and he was now in danger. The pirates ask if Hody is okay and if Noah was part of the plan. Hody gets mad that it wasn’t part of the plan. Decken tells Wadatsumi that he can’t save him now and that he would have to be sacrificed for the cause because anything he throws cannot be stopped until it hits its target.
Just as everyone realizes that the bubble won’t last, they also realize that Shirahoshi is missing. He will then make his presence known. It is high above the square and Jinbe realizes that at this height the ship would divert away from the square. Shirahoshi spreads her arms and tells Decken to take only her life and no one else’s. All are humbled by her sacrifice. Hody realizes that Decken has been planning to betray them all along. Decken throws a knife at Shirahoshi, which hits her just below the shoulder. Luffy is angry because he told Shirahoshi to stay close to him. At that moment, the people notice that Hody has left, and he is seen riding one of the chains being towed from the gigantic ship. Sanji starts to use Sky Walk to catch up with the ship, but Luffy tells him to stay in the square. Sanji then warns Luffy in advance that the ship is submerged in water. Jinbe tells Luffy that even though the ship is full of water, Decken is a Devil Fruit user, so there must be air somewhere. He hands Luffy a piece of Bubbly Coral, Luffy grabs Sanji’s leg, ready to take off.

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