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Noah moves slightly away from the island, thanks to Shirahoshi’s efforts. They realize they have to get to the ocean or the bubble will burst. The main entrance is too far, but he has an idea. As Hody Jones climbs the chain, the citizens try to think of something they can do for her. Meanwhile, Sanji carefully calculates the power he has to shoot Luffy with and throws him the Armée de l’Air Rubber Shoot. He slightly overshoots it and Luffy heads into the ocean, but he’s close enough to grab onto the chain, noting how huge it is. Luffy looks down to see Hody below him. He then sees the citizens in the square grabbing the chain in an attempt to slow down the huge ship. Shirahoshi is moved by their actions. However, Hody is mad at them for not slowing it down at all, while Luffy screams loudly for him to stop. Hody attacks the citizens of Yabusame and they all return to the square, much to Luffy’s anger.
Shirahoshi sees the entrance to the palace and is relieved that it is still open. He goes up the connecting passage and then breaks through it to go out into the ocean. As the ship rises, Luffy manages to deploy a protective bubble around himself at the last moment. Unfortunately, he let go of the chain and turned away from him slightly. Hody appears behind him and says that a man who cannot breathe underwater can never rule the ocean. Decken calls out to Shirahoshi. She asks if she will die from blood loss or from being hit by the ship first. He gives her one last chance. He saves her if she agrees to marry him as he throws knives at her. Shirahoshi apologizes and tells him again that he’s not her type, much to Decken’s stunned surprise when the knives deflect something.
Ryuboshi, Manboshi and Hoe are then seen standing in front of Shirahoshi. Her brothers say there is no way they can marry him and they won’t let him hurt their only sister. Decken seems surprised that she called them brothers. Shirahoshi tells them about what happened in the square after they left. Ryuboshi then tells them what their father said about the ship being undamaged and having to land it on the ocean floor where it won’t be scratched. Noah appears and crashes into the rocks behind them, but they escape. Manboshi tells Shirahoshi to get into the trenches and not swim too close to Noah. He then points up and says that it won’t hurt anything at a higher level. Ryuboshi says they will take care of Decken.
Hody smiles and says that Luffy won’t run away. Luffy is seen riding on Fukaboshi’s back. Luffy thanks him and asks if his wounds are okay. Hody is then seen unsheathing a large scythe blade and calling it Kirisame, before placing it on his back and shooting at them, cutting off the head of an oarfish that was near him. Luffy tells Fukaboshi to get him on Noah’s deck so he can fight easier, saying that he promised to protect Shirahoshi. Fukaboshi tells Luffy that he and his brothers made the same promise, they just couldn’t compete with Hody. He then apologizes for doubting Luffy. Before he can do anything, Hody fires past them again that he will go on board first. Noah is now facing the bow and is directly above Fish-Man Island. Hody gets on board and Decken talks, asking how the killing of Neptune went and how they’re torturing Shirahoshi. Hody suddenly impales him with his trident and asks him what would happen to the ship if he died.

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