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Wadatsumi is still under the influence of the energy steroid he took. Sanji is still mad at him for “touching Nami with his ‘wind pressure'”. Nami is seen releasing several dark colored balls in a string from her Clima-Tact. The pirates ask if she is a witch, to which she replies that they can call her Mistress Sorceress, but in reality her attack is carefully calculated chemistry. He then attacks everyone around him with a swing of his staff and performs an attack called Black Ball: Raiun Rod. Zeo and Ikaros watch Nami fight a lot. Remembering what Sanji said about her, Zeo realizes that Nami must be the weak point of the crew. He turns invisible and grabs her ankles and Ikaros comes to impale her with his spear. As Nami asks for help, Brook appears in front of her, wanting to see her panties and taking two hits at once. One from Ikaros’ spear, the other from Nami slapping him. The tip of the spear goes into Brook, but nothing happens. Brook explains that it’s because he’s already dried out, much to Ikaros’ surprise. General Franky, trying to find a worthy opponent, appears behind Ikaros and delivers a heavy blow to his face, knocking him back. The match is General Franky vs. Icarus the Fly.
Back with Nami and Brook, Zeo became visible and someone told Brook that he was standing on his face. Ze’s appearance explains to Nami why she couldn’t move. Zeo tries to play it off like he’s trying to hit Brook’s leg, a move he calls the Super Sole Head Butt. The matchup reads Zeo vs. Brooke. Elsewhere, Daruma goes on a rampage underground, causing everyone around to fall into the hollow earth. Daruma is looking for Chopper. Meanwhile, Dosun sees Usopp standing all alone and tells Chopper to come to where he is. As Dosun is about to attack Usopp, Chopper senses him and tells Usopp to take cover, hitting Dosun in the chin with the Elf Horn Cannon. Usopp shoots Pop Green into the hole with Hissatsu, Midori Boshi: Skull Exploding Grass. The resulting explosion injures a large group of New Fish-Man pirates and blasts Daruma out of the hole. Usopp recalls fighting Miss Merry Christmas in Arabasta and how they used the same idea against her. At this point, Daruma decides to take more energy steroids. The matches were now Daruma vs. Usopp and Dosun Vs. Chopper. The audience is surprised at how well the Straw Hats fight. Zoro is briefly seen fighting Hyouza. Jinbe is seen fighting Wadatsumi. Madame Shyarly is then seen nervously looking up at the sky.
The scene changes to off the island. Shirahoshi is still leading Noah away. Hody Jones tells Luffy that it’s too late to protect everything. Ryuboshi and Manboshi realize what would happen if Vander Decken IX died right now. Ryuboshi tells Shirahoshi to swim to one side and Hody cuts him off with Kirisame right after. Hody says he wanted Decken’s powers to run out here. Realizing what will happen if Noah falls, Luffy tells Fukaboshi to take him to Shirahoshi. Hody stops them, but Manboshi yells that Shirahoshi broke away to the right. As Hody swims to her, Luffy grabs him, but his powers are severely limited due to the seawater. Hody easily breaks away and screams for Decken to drop dead. Noah has now moved slightly to the side of Fish-Man Island. Inside, Noah Decken berates Hody, saying his left hand will never forget him. He is about to say more, but falls, hits his head, and falls unconscious. With Decken knocked out, Noah begins to fall back towards Fish-Man Island.

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