Read One Piece Manga Chapter 642


In the Sea Forest, Den notes that something is happening on the island as all the animals have left. Hatchan says there is no way to break Hody Jones and calls him the true terror of their boss Fisher Tiger. An emergency broadcast with a warning is issued around the island, the minister of the left orders all citizens to evacuate the island immediately. He confirms that the large object that will hit the island is Noah. The people also learn from the square that Shirahoshi was the one who led Noah away, and that Vander Decken IX is behind Noah’s arrival.
The Minister of the Left and some soldiers approach where Neptune rests. The minister apologizes saying that they let him down. Neptune mentions that if Noah hits the island, it will be exactly as written. The Minister of the Left tells Neptune about the evacuation and encourages the King to leave as well. Neptune says the orders are fine, but he will stay and wait for the prince.
At Gyoncorde Plaza, the Minister of the Right and other soldiers watch the battle from the perimeter of the square, confused as to why there are so many pirates. Some bystanders inform him of what happened before he arrived. The Minister of the Right ordered Neptune’s army to support the Straw Hat Pirates in the square, saying that the country’s honor would be destroyed if only a bunch of pirates supported them. He then orders the people watching the battle to evacuate. The people refuse, saying that with the Straw Hats fighting for them, it would be a shame to run away and leave them, so they might throw in their lot with the pirates and stay. The Minister of the Right tells them to do what they think is right as he dives into the square to join the battle. The arrival of the New Fish-Man Pirates army is not at all intimidating. Hammond then arrives, riding what he calls his slave tank, basically a large rickshaw with cannons pulled by human slaves. One of the slaves collapses from exhaustion and Hammond just tells them to leave him.
Wadatsumi takes a breath and expands his stomach, calling himself “Meganyudo” and becoming even bigger than before. Sanji asks if that made sense and he says that the kraken was still bigger than him. This angers Wadatsumi and he expands even more, crushing everything within range. Sanji is still unimpressed and Wadatsumi is about to expand again. Jinbe asks Nico Robin to free the slaves, saying that he can’t sit by and watch Hody copy the World Nobles. Ikaros Much uses a spitting attack on Franky and calls it Ikaros Wings. Franky punches him, but it goes away when Ikaros reappears behind Franky, saying that it was his squid ink clone. Franky uses Franky Fireball and Ikaros narrowly dodges. Chopper and Dosun match each other with Heavy Gong and T-Shot, causing Zoro and Chopper to joke about how he looks like a monster. Just then, Hyouzou comes to Zoro and says that he will chop up anyone who laughs. Catching the attack, Zoro cuts several of his sword blades perfectly at the hilts, claiming the strongest swordsman on Fish-Man Island. Afterwards, Hyouzou asks how he’s going to kill him when the octopus merman couldn’t even kill Zoro’s boredom.

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