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Gyoncorde Plaza is a scene of carnage and mayhem as the royal guards join the battle. Robin does as Jinbe asked and frees the slaves. Hammond manages to catch her in one of his trawls. She stretches the net back, but Robin creates a replica of her torso on Hammond’s back. Robin then appears at his feet and both Robins begin twisting Hammond’s body until he breaks his back. The former slaves begin to fight against the fishmen who enslaved them.
The scene cuts to Brook realizing he’s lost track of Zeo. Zeo is on the ground crawling towards Brook. However, Zeo says the name of his technique out loud, allowing Brook to hear his voice, and the skeleton immediately thrusts his sword in the direction the voice came from, stabbing Zeo just below the neck. Zeo plays this as a weapon destruction technique to damage the tip of Brook’s sword, but Brook doesn’t believe him either, knowing he’s been stabbed. Zeo throws his chain and grabs Brook by the neck and takes his head off. As his head falls, he remembers how he used Yomi Yomi no Mi’s true powers during his training. He learned about the powerful energy that allows his soul to remain in this world despite having already died once, and how he gained control over his very soul.
As Zeo celebrates his victory, Brook remembers that it is the power of the soul that keeps him alive and reattachs his head to his body as he thinks about this, stunning Zeo. Brook tells him that his attacks don’t damage bones. He then pulls out his sword and says that it was sharpened by the Longarm tribe, calling it the Soul Solid and saying that its slash evokes the chill of the freezing underworld.
Usopp tells Daruma not to do something. Daruma tells Usopp that he will leave his friends as remains at the bottom of the sea. He then somehow lights up and flies at Usopp using a technique called the “Hi-Daruma Cutter”. Usopp fires at Daruma but misses. Daruma mocks him for being weak and can only shoot stupid shots. Usopp simply tells him that he is finishing his traps and that Daruma will be taken down in three moves. Daruma says he’s lying, and Usopp admits that he’s lied a lot, but adds that he can’t do it anymore because he now has it in him to back up his claims.
As the battle rages, the Minister of the Left receives a call about the child Den Den Mushi from Border Defense. Border Defense informs the Minister that Noah is once again on a collision course for the island. The minister of the left tells the person to tell the whole island with a national broadcast. He announces it and people start running. Nami is shocked to see Noah return and Jinbe wonders if Shirahoshi and Luffy are safe. The Air Tank man then talks to Luffy and their conversation is captured on other channels. Snippets of a conversation between Luffy and Shirahoshi are heard. All over the island, people are surprised by what they hear. Luffy tries to do something to stop Noah. Then Fukaboshi’s voice is heard over the broadcast system. He tells Luffy what Hody Jones really is.
The scene changes to outside the island, where Fukaboshi tells Luffy, as well as the rest of the island, that Hody is a monster born of circumstance. The New Fish-Man Pirates are a group that thrives on hatred and spite. They hate to forget the pain of those who came before them. He also hates that the anger towards humans may one day pass. Fukaboshi asks the people to trust the pirates for the safety of the island. He then flashes back to when Fukaboshi asked Hody what happened to him to hate humans so much. The answer that Hody was previously seen speaking was a single word, “nothing.” Hody goes on to say that the fish men were chosen by heaven to pass judgment on mankind. The chapter ends with Fukaboshi saying that the hatred of the New Fish-Man Pirates lacks personal experience and will. They are just empty beings without any substance.

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