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The entire island is in a state of panic as the evacuation continues and the impending arrival of Noah draws ever closer. People are confused by what Fukaboshi says about Hody. Outside the island, Hody is laughing hysterically as he chases after Luffy and Shirahoshi, his muscles still flexing. Shirahoshi comments that he looks even scarier than before. Hody then has a flashback.
In the Fish-Man District, a fish-man preaches on the street about how humans are an inferior species that goes on rampages and threatens the fish-men. A very young Hody Jones listens and seems to take it to heart. The scene changes to the fish man talking about how someone blew up the slave trade on the surface. In front of the large painting of the fish man in question is a memorial wreath. People stand around him and say that he died, but he took eight people with him and caused a massive disaster on the surface. Hody comments that it serves the people’s right, and Ikaros Much praises the man, saying he wants to be a hero too. The scene changes to another time in the Fish-Man District, where someone says that Arlong has sunk a human pirate ship. Arlong talks about how the fishmen were chosen by the heavens to get rid of the garbage that is humanity. The people were afraid of this, so they decided to chase the fish man. In the end, the humans won because of their superiority.
Later, Hatchan tells Hody, Shyarly, and some other kids about the human friend he has on the surface, Silvers Rayleigh, and praises him. Hody turns and leaves, saying that Hatchan’s story makes him sick. Hody then follows some fishmen at some gathering and says that their day of revenge will soon come. In another scene, someone talks about the recent death of Fisher Tiger. Zeo comments that even Tiger wasn’t the chosen one. New Fish-Man Pirate officers in black leather masks are then seen leading a group of people holding torches. Approaching the man’s house. The man was donating blood to a human and that would not be tolerated. They burned his house to the ground and strangled the man in front of his children.
The scene changes to Hody, now a member of the military, talking to the officers. He said that everyone from the royal family down had lost their minds and given in to the people. Ikaros asks if Hody heard about Jinbe joining the Shichibukai. Hody says that Arlong is the only true pirate left. In the next scene, someone shouts that the main island is in a panic, saying that Otohime was murdered by a human (not knowing that Hody was the one who actually committed the murder and framed the human for the crime). People were angry with the royal family for not doing anything. Hody and the officers are then seen toasting beer and saying that the shameless have been judged and that it is the natural order that those who submit to the people should die. Hody then places the bag on the table, saying that heaven has given them power. The police officers are shocked by what they see. Hody asks Zeo if he can mass produce them and Zeo says he will try. They are next seen with the merry roger of the New Fish-Man Pirates, saying that they will dedicate their lives to killing people.
Flashback ends. Hody tells Luffy that he gave up his life for this revenge. In the air tank, the guards aim their crosshairs at Noah. Shoots a bubble. Fukaboshi is then seen realizing that he has failed. Throwing away the fishmen’s emotions, they banished them to the Fish-Man District, ignoring the resentment that was slowly building between them. They were too focused on progress. He then remembers how his mother used to say that people shouldn’t pass on their hatred to their children, but realizes that it has already happened. People must first fight within themselves. He then states that Otohime was killed by Fish-Man Island’s grudge. Pitying the dead should remain with the dead. A grudge is something people do to feed off of others, and the grudge of the Fish-Man District was fueled by their hatred of humanity. Before anyone noticed, it was too big to fit. He then tells Luffy that they don’t need the past and asks him to reset everything to zero to cleanse the old spirits living in the shadows. The guards in the airlock celebrate as the bubble has successfully surrounded Noah. He asks Luffy to return the island to zero.
Hody tells Fukaboshi that he can say whatever he wants, but the hatred is eternal. Luffy tells Fukaboshi through the Den Den Mushi kid to let him take care of it and he can sit back and rest. He tells Fukaboshi, as well as everyone on the island over the intercom, that from the moment they entered the square, they decided not to let anyone touch the island and leave everything to them; and added that they are friends after all, which brings tears of happiness to Fukaboshi’s eyes. The residents suddenly stopped running. The Minister of the Right looks up and wonders if the Straw Hats are the type of people they suspected. Moved by Luffy’s words, some residents decided to stay on the island until the battle was over. The guards tell Luffy that Noah has air in him. Luffy tells Shirahoshi to stay by his side and he won’t let her get hurt. Luffy retracts his arm and hardens his Busoshoku Haki into his fist as Hody lunges at him. He then hits Hody with Gear Second Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk, an incendiary attack so powerful that it causes a fiery explosion to erupt from Hody’s back.

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