Read One Piece Manga Chapter 645


Hody is blown away by the impact of the Red Hawk. He is thrown through the bubble at Noah. He climbs out of the wood with water flowing out. Luffy follows him onto the ship, relieved to have air to breathe. Luffy prepares Gear 3’s attack while the guards in the air tank and the people on the island look on. Luffy reminded one fishman when he was a child and Whitebeard befriended Neptune and claimed the island as his territory. He then flashes back to when Whitebeard first appeared and claimed the island under his control. The man is asked if he really believes that Luffy is like Whitebeard. The man said he hates humans, but he doesn’t know what to think because a human is now defending the land. Shyarly nervously looks up at the sky and remembers her vision.
Back on Noah, Hody stands up and tells Luffy that he knows his fangs did more damage than Luffy is letting on. Hody unleashes a large amount of shark-shaped water on Luffy, but he dodges and then finishes Hody off. The soldiers in the air tank rejoice at Luffy’s victory, but lose communication with Luffy moments later. The last thing they heard was that Luffy was planning to destroy Noah. They realize that if Luffy doesn’t do anything with Vander Decken IX, he will have no other way to stop it. The soldiers inform the island that Luffy is currently on a ship directly above the island. Shirahoshi fears for Luffy as one of his wounds opens up. Luffy then starts crushing part of Noah’s bridge. The onlookers ask if Noah was destroyed. The soldiers also announce that Hody was also defeated by Luffy.
When the pirates in Gyoncorde Plaza hear the news, they begin to despair. One of them starts to run: Zeo gets angry and throws his chain at him, grabs him around the neck and strangles him. He throws his chain at another pirate who tried to argue. Zeo tells the pirates to die and let their deaths curse the humans. Their grudge will never go away as long as it is passed on. The pirates think the officers have gone mad. Dosun lunges at one of the pirates with his hammer and says they are crazy because humans made them that way. Children watching the fights are horrified and wonder that all humans are really so horrifying. One of the watching adults tries to contradict them, but Shyarly cuts him off. He tells the children to look at the square and the sky above. The people fighting the pirates of the Fish-Man District are people. Then one of the kids asks what Brook is. Shyarly tells them that she’s not so sure about some of them, but regardless, they have to see for themselves. Zeo continues to kill the pirates who try to escape, saying that their deaths will serve as a reminder of the grudge. He is about to attack another of his own men when Brook intercepts the attack. The pirates are actually grateful to Brook for saving them. Brook tells him that when you die, all you leave behind are bones. Franky comments that Brook is much more convincing. Brook says he hates people who waste lives the most. Zeo tells him that the Straw Hats’ lives will be wasted if Noah falls. Brook tells Zeo that Luffy is the one who will become the Pirate King, and if he believes that, there is nothing that can scare them. Brook then says he has to finish what he came here for.
Elsewhere, Hyouzou is disoriented and somewhat scared of what to do since he has no swords to use. Franky tells Ikaros Mucha that he is ready to unleash a new massive attack that will end their fight in one hit. Wadatsumi asks Sanji if he was surprised by his size. Sanji says that should be enough, but quickly corrects himself and tells Wadatsumi that he’s really shocked. Sanji then tells Jinbe that they’re ready for their plan and Jinbe agrees (it’s clearly revealed that they’re going to use a giant fish to stop Noah from falling). People are now shouting about the monster. Usopp and Daruma look in surprise and Usopp realizes that the monster is Chopper in Monster Point. He tells Chopper that nothing worth freaking out about has happened yet. Chopper then laughs and tells Usopp that he’s fine.

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