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Usopp is shocked that Chopper can control his transformation. Chopper explains that if he eats one Rumble Ball, he can fight in this form for three minutes. Usopp says that this form is now an advantage, causing Chopper to act awkward in his transformed state – an action that Usopp finds terrifying. Dosun tells Chopper that he will still knock him into the ocean no matter how big he gets. Daruma gets angry that Usopp would be so rude and stops in the middle of their fight to talk to someone else. As Daruma flies at Usopp, several flowers fly out of the ground and approach him. Usopp explains that they are called Humandrake and they hide in the ground and attack anyone who hears them above them. The flowers knocked Daruma to the ground, but somehow he was thrown into the air by them. Usopp reveals another plant, the Trampolia, a large flower that drops anything that comes near it. Usopp tells Daruma that he has nowhere to run and he is completely exposed.
The scene changes to Franky and Icarus the Mucha. Ikaros reveals that he had a spear on his head that could pierce anything. He then uses Light Strike Usubon no Yari and prepares to attack. Franky tells Ikaros that he should just give up because his attacks will be useless. Elsewhere, Zoro walks away from the Hyouzou saying that he can’t cut anyone who doesn’t have a fighting spirit and calls him a frog. Hyouzou smirks and then lunges at Zoro with eight new swords. Meanwhile, Sanji is still standing on Wadatsumi’s face and the giant fish man tells him that if he rolled into the square right now, every one of Sanji’s friends would be crushed. Jinbe seems to be getting ready to attack when the scene switches to Brook humming to himself apparently nonchalantly. Zeo drew a circle around him and told Brook that if he entered it he would be crushed to pieces. Zeo then hears a hum behind him and Brook appears, apologizing for having already stepped into the circle and cut him. Before Zeo can do anything, Brook’s cut takes effect as he unleashes a new move called the Glancing Song Blizzard Cut. A single cut now runs from Jehovah’s waist to the top of his head, the affected area apparently frozen. Brook then says that the cut is the first line and even blood congeals in the winds of hell. She also says she hopes the wind will lift some of the skirts as well.
The scene cuts back to Usopp and Daruma. Usopp launched Pop Green, which is shaped like a giant wolf. Daruma says he’ll just bite through it. Usopp told him that would be a bad idea because the light bulb on the tip of his nose sends out a very strong shock wave three meters in diameter. Daruma is then hit with a shock wave known as Impact Wolf. In the Dosun vs. Chopper fight, Dosun swings his hammer and prepares to launch Chopper into the sea with the Papara Hammer. Chopper then uses Kokutei Palme. The attack shattered Dosun’s hammer and sent him flying, much to the shock of the watching pirates. Ikaros is about to launch his piercing attack. Franky then puts his hands over each other in a similar position to Coup De Vent and launches Franky Radical Beam. Usopp and Chopper watch with stars in their eyes, while Nami and Robin stare at it, seemingly disinterested. Ikaros emerges from the attack completely blackened and defeated.
Jinbe prepares to use the Fish-Man Karate technique by surrounding his right hand in water. Wadatsumi then intervenes with Buraikan. The attack enters on one side of Wadatsumi and explodes from the other side. Wadatsumi starts to roll away, but as he can’t hold his breath anymore, the air he inhaled is released and he blasts away. Sanji is ready for this and follows Wadatsumi into the sky. Sanji then prepares himself for a moment and remembers the torture he had to go through for the last two years before he burned completely. He then kicks Wadatsumi in the stomach with Hell Memories, a fire attack so powerful that it completely mesmerizes Wadatsumi. As Wadatsumi falls back to the ground, Sanji says that when preparing blowfish, one must take care to remove the poisonous parts. Finally, the Hyouzou attack Zoro with swords dripping with poison. Jumping on Zoro, he tells him that he is the number one Hachitoryu user on Fish-Man Island and Zoro shouldn’t forget that. Zoro cuts him with the Rengoku Onigiri and says he’s sorry, but he mistook Hyouza for a “frog at the bottom of a well” – a Japanese proverb for someone ignorant of the real world. With that, the pirates realize that all the officers have been defeated.

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