Read One Piece Manga Chapter 647


The residents are amazed that the Straw Hats were able to defeat all the best members of the New Fish-Man Pirates. They all then run out of the way as Wadatsumi falls from the sky. Back on Earth, Jinbe is not surprised by the results of the battle, Sanji and Zoro argue, Chopper and Usopp admire Sanji and Franky, Franky feels inferior to Chopper’s monstrous form, Robin punishes Franky’s General Franky, and Brook questions Nami wearing a miniskirt, much to her annoyance . All the citizens begin to relax until they remember that Noah is about to crash into them.
He begs Luffy to do something and save them. Luffy shifts into third gear and starts smashing Noah as fast as he can. The citizens stand up for themselves and trust Luffy. Fukaboshi and Neptune regret having to destroy the ship, but lives must come first, and Neptune apologizes to Joy Boy. As Luffy continues his fire on the ship, Shirahoshi begs him to stop and blocks him. Luffy says the island will be destroyed if he doesn’t move out of the way, but she tells him the ship has already stopped as they are surrounded by Sea Kings holding Noah’s chains in their mouths, much to Luffy’s shock.
At this point, Luffy’s wounds begin to open, but he says that it’s okay as long as the ship stops and everyone is safe. She then passes out and falls back to Noah. The Sea Kings start talking (only Shirahoshi can hear them and talk to them) about how wonderful people were and if they had only come a little later, Fish-Man Island would have been saved but Noah would have been destroyed. Shirahoshi says that she didn’t do anything to call them there, and the Sea Kings tell her that it was her strong feelings that led them there to help Luffy.
The Royal Guards tell everyone on Fish-Man Island that the Sea Kings stopped the ship before it could be completely destroyed and that Fish-Man Island is saved. Luffy lands on top of Noah and everyone starts celebrating.

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