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After the banquet is over, the Straw Hats are thrilled to hear that they will be able to keep all the stolen treasure. Franky says that will turn them into tycoon pirates in no time. When Chopper suggests looking for Caribou along with Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji, Usopp tells him that he just found out that Caribou is worth over 200,000,000 Beli. On the island, the group finds Caribou and Zoro is disappointed that Luffy’s punch was all it took to defeat him. The three are excited to see how much treasure has spilled out of Caribou’s body. They load it into the bags and Luffy asks Zoro which way the town was, prompting Sanji to decide to take a different route. Luffy tells them they need a flying fish.
The scene changes to the Candy Factory where the Left minister is discussing their monthly candy payment problem with an off-screen character. The man, a lion named Pekoms, reminds the minister that the deal was that he would make candy for Big Mom and in return the island would not be destroyed. She then asks if the minister knew what kind of person Big Mom is and says that anyone who angers her is doomed. A group of people gathered to one side are all thinking how cute Pekoms looks when he threatens. At the same time, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji walk by and notice the crowd. They go and Luffy says hello to everyone there. Luffy mentions that the best part of the feast was the sweets made in the factory. As the crowd tries to tell Luffy to be quiet, Pekoms asks who they are. Flipping through the book, he recognizes Luffy and asks him what he meant when he talked about sweets. Luffy tells him that he just ate a lot of them at the banquet. This causes Pekoms to become angry with the Minister of the Left, who tries to tell him that there is an explanation when Luffy realizes that the lion can talk. Another character then tells Pekoms that threatening people left and right won’t get you anywhere and that they have to send the candies by tomorrow so they arrive in time for the tea party. A long-legged man in an eggshell and a cup with a saucer for a hat introduces himself as Baron Tamago.
As Tamago gets up, he asks them if they ate the candy that was made in the factory, Zoro thinks it’s a compass, and Luffy tells him that they ate it and would like more. Tamago then explains that the island belongs to Empress Charlotte Linlin and the flag on the factory shows that the island is under her protection. Luffy deduces that she is a good person and says he wants to meet her. Tamago tells him it’s purely business. The island gives her ten tons of candy a month, and she gives them her flag, adding that Linlin loves candy more than anything else.
The scene changes to the New World, a place called Whole Cake Island, where someone notes that Big Mom looks excited. He replies that he is looking forward to the tea party in a few days and is looking forward to the candy from Fish-Man Island. He then asks the person if they are excited, to which they say yes. Big Mom then tells him to continue his excitement in her stomach and promptly eats him. Three-Eyed Girl sits uncomfortably in a chair while Big Mom chews. Subordinate Bobbin arrives and Big Mom asks him how the operation went. She’s happy when Bobbin tells her the whole thing burned down, saying that the baked candy from that country was the best and must have smelled good since it was burned to the ground. Bobbin asks if she has any snacks as Linlin goes on to say that anyone who doesn’t give her candy must be killed and that she likes dishonesty as much as bad candy. Bobbin then remembers that he should have told her that Fish-Man Island might not be able to come up with their payment for the month. The shot changes to show a huge woman leaning forward in a chair, surprised by what Bobbin just said. Bobbin explains that he just got a call from Pekoms and asks her if they should burn the island too. Big Mom then orders an immediate call to the island.
Back at the candy factory, Tamago explains that the candy from Fish-Man Island is one of his captains’ favorites and that they can wait until tomorrow to pick it up. The Minister of the Left again explains that the cooking equipment at the factory has been destroyed and they will need two weeks to get everything back up and running, which the Baron tells him is impossible. Sanji then becomes indignant and asks why he can’t just wait. Zoro adds that even though he’s the emperor, their captain doesn’t have a lot of balls. Tamago clarifies that Big Mom is a woman, which is why she had no balls to begin with. Sanji vaguely imagines what the woman looks like and asks what would happen if the sweets were late. Tamago replies that the treaty will be dissolved and the Big Mom Pirates would destroy the island. Luffy is furious that someone would destroy the island for candy, especially since he and his crew just saved it. And Den Den Mushi rings. Pekoms realizes it must be their captain since he just reported the situation. Everyone nearby, including Pekoms and Tamago, is afraid to find out who is calling. So Luffy answers. Luffy asks if he’s talking to Big Mom. The voice on the other end is confused as she doesn’t recognize Luffy’s voice as one of her subordinates. Luffy introduces himself and declares that he will be the Pirate King. Linlin recognizes his name and remembers that he is Garp’s grandson as well as his participation in the war two years ago. Luffy tells her that there is no more candy. He then goes on to say that he was the one who ate it all. Charlotte realizes that Luffy is trying to cover the island by blaming himself. Luffy tells her that he has a lot of treasure and will give it all to her in exchange for candy. Big Mom asks how she expects to eat the treasure.
Tamago then gets an idea and asks Luffy if all the treasure offered was in the three bags. He then picks up the receiver and asks his captain to calm down. He then tells her that two days ago Eustass Kid sank two of their ships. They have suffered a lot of damage and are not doing well financially. He suggests that she take the treasure as a pledge and leave the island for another two weeks to rebuild and make more sweets. Big Mom is furious that Tamago suggested such a compromise. She then adds that she is now interested in the guy opposing her, and as she wishes, she changes the target from Fish-Man Island to him. Luffy tells her that he has to deal with her, adding that it’s too dangerous to leave her in charge of the island. Luffy then declares that he will defeat her and make Fish-Man Island his territory, much to Big Mom’s chagrin.

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