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Nami takes a shower as the Thousand Sunny rises to the surface of the New World, setting the ship on a current that will carry them to the surface.
Usopp and Luffy are on the deck where Usopp is attaching the rope, saying that the weak knot of the rope would be useless against the giant fish. The rest of the crew are on board with them, intending to catch deep sea fish that Sanji will cook for them once they surface. Usopp hooks the fish with the rope and hook he just made, but once the giant fish is caught, it is eaten by another, much larger fish. Just as the crew reacts, that fish is eaten by another, even bigger fish. Zoro decides to take matters into his own hands using his new technique, the 360 ​​Pound Cannon, a more powerful version of the 36 Pound Cannon to kill the biggest fish.
Usopp then notices that the ship no longer seems to be moving forward, but is instead sinking before he spots what looks like a giant sea serpent. Robin seems very shocked and tells the crew that it is not a sea serpent, but the White Strom, a gigantic white vortex that resembles a dragon that appears on the sea floor without warning. He then explains that ships captured in the White Tree are usually found days later, in incredibly distant waters, with no crew aboard. Nami runs out of the bathroom to take command and tells them that they need to cut the fish immediately because it’s getting caught in the vortex and pulling them in. Her next idea is to use Coup De Burst, but Franky tells her off. it’s too late as the fish is now almost entirely in the hot tub. They all seem to have resigned themselves to entering the hot tub as they can be seen holding tightly to various parts of the Thousand Sunny.
The ship spins along the interior of the White Tree before coming to an abrupt halt as they encounter a gigantic object that appears to be blocking the vortex itself. The object is then shown as one of a huge pod of island whales. When asked about further orders, Nami replies that they are fine where they are.
Nami tells the crew that the movement of the pod of whales has created a new current, so they must open the sails and follow this current, as going against it would be even more dangerous. The sails then open and catch the current that the whales create. Nami says that such travel is as good as riding in a rising current, and the Straw Hats will soon see the surface of the sea ahead.
All the whales rise to the surface of the New World and Sunny is kicked out of the water. Chopper notices the fact that the sea around them looks red, which Sanji describes as a sea of ​​flames, and Zoro describes it as looking like the entrance to Hell. Seeing all these conditions, Luffy only describes the sea as perfect.

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