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Nami is surprised by Law’s proposal, calling him crazy and telling Luffy not to agree. Law tells him that it won’t be immediate and that following the plan will only give them a chance to defeat one of them. Luffy asks which emperor Law was referring to and Law tells him an answer that only Luffy and Nami could hear. Satisfied with Law’s answer, Luffy agrees to the alliance, much to Nami’s surprise. Back at the remains of the first two research labs, Luffy tells the other Straw Pirates present about his plan, and they are equally surprised. Usopp starts shaking Luffy and yelling at him for being so reckless, Nami tells him that he has to follow his own pace in the New World. Chopper agrees, saying it’s too soon to fight the Emperor. Nico Robin tells Luffy that he will follow his decision, but betrayal is always a consequence of any pirate alliance and his tendency to trust people too quickly could be a problem. Luffy asks Law if he will betray him, Law says no. Luffy tells his crew not to worry as they are with him. He thinks Law is a good person, but if something goes wrong, they’ve all been training for two years and they can handle it. The Straw Hats are both shocked and humbled by their captain’s words.
Law uses the Shambles and returns the displaced crew members to their normal bodies. Franky is happy to be back in his body and Robin is happy to have him out of Chopper’s body. Chopper is glad to be back, but angrily asks why he’s so beat up. Franky and Luffy apologize and blame the other for damaging Chopper’s body. Luffy blames Franky for going on a rampage and having to be subdued, while Franky blames Luffy for using excessive force to knock him down. Chopper says it’s both their fault and they both apologize. The only one unhappy with the result is Nami, who was placed in Sanji’s body because her body wasn’t there. On the other hand, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper find her predicament hysterical. Nami yells at Law to do something about it, but he says he can’t without another body. He then turns his attention to the sleeping children, who Luffy says he wants to save. Law tells them about their drug addiction, but Chopper tells him they already know. He explains how they want to send the children home, but cleaning their bodies will take time and their size is a problem. Law explains that human augmentation projects are something the world government has been working on for hundreds of years as a method of creating an army of super soldiers. Law adds that Caesar Clown is probably trying to perfect them and get the better of Vegapunk and the World Government. He questions if they really want to save the children. Nami replies that they did, that they were crying and begging the crew for help, saying that even the kids knew something was up. Nami states that she will not leave the island until the children are safe. Law takes this to mean that she’ll stay here alone, but Luffy corrects him, saying that he doesn’t leave people behind, so if Nami and Chopper stay, everyone stays. He then adds that Sanji wanted to bring the samurai back together and asks Law for help as he is now their ally.
Usopp explains to Law, saying that the two captains have different ideas of what it means to have an alliance. Luffy says it’s like being friends. Usopp further mentions Luffy’s stubbornness. Law states that the wishes of Luffy’s crew have nothing to do with their deal. Then he gives up saying they don’t have time for that. He tells the Straw Hats to take care of the samurai. He then asks who their doctor is, saying that the two will check the medicine given to the children and find a way to keep Caesar busy. Chopper apologizes for his immobility as Usopp straps him to Law’s head, killing the captain and causing the rest of the Straw Hats to laugh uncontrollably. After moving Chopper from being strapped to his head to hanging from the tassels of his scabbard by one corner, Law goes on to say that the Straw Hats are on Caesar’s hit list and he won’t stop until they’re dead. He tells them about Caesar’s bounty and how he got it, as well as the breakdown of his powers and weapons. He also adds that if Caesar lost his perfect little hideout, he would come after them with everything he could. He adds that anyone who cannot use Haki cannot approach him. Luffy tells Law that the four Haki users on the island are the two of them, along with Zoro and Sanji. Luffy himself confirms that all Law has to do is kidnap the mad scientist. He asks who they will get the ransom from. The law says kidnapping isn’t about the money, it’s more about causing a little mayhem. He tells them to focus on capturing Caesar and then explains the plan in detail. He gives them one last chance to opt out, but Luffy is adamant that they team up. Law reminds him to pass this information on to the absent crew members.
Back outside the lab, the G-5 marines are under attack by centaurs. Several attacking centaurs are identified as former prisoners. The smoker questions how the report on the incident four years ago could say that there were zero survivors. Monet informs Caesar that Den Den Mushi will ring in the lab, but he tells him to ignore it, saying that he knows who it is and what they will say. The message says they opened the door, something came out, how did it get the others, and they need help. Caesar then comments on how rare it is to have so many guests at once. He then says that he will introduce his pet, adding that neither of them will make it off the island alive.
On the burning side of the island, one of the centaurs attempts to radio Caesar as previously expected. The two centaurs panic, wondering what they just released. A shapeless blob follows them. As they run, they get hit by some gas and suffocate. The blob then swallows them. The Blob is then introduced as a Slime creature.

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