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In the hideout of the destroyed laboratory, Nami and Usopp have a hard time with Caesar Clown, who has come to reclaim the children that the Straw Hats have freed. He mockingly asks why they took the children out when they are in pain, while Usopp reminds Nami that Caesar is a Logia with a bounty of 300,000,000 Beli. Nami, wanting to know what made him take them, tells Caesar that all the kids want to go home and their parents must be worried about them. The kids behind them keep begging Caesar for candy, which Caesar rebuts by asking Nami to show him one kid who wants to go home. Usopp tries to convince them not to go, but one of the enlarged children performs a powerful uppercut and Usopp flies back. Nami tries to grab one of the kids and begs him not to go, but due to withdrawal symptoms causing him to hallucinate, the kid believes Nami is a cockroach and knocks her off him, giving him a vicious right hook. Usopp gets up and angrily tells them to calm down as he grabs a slingshot, only for Nami to rip it out of his hands and say that the kids didn’t do anything wrong and are just victims. Arguing that the force is the only way to stop them at this point, Usopp explains that since they are hallucinating from the withdrawal, they may end up getting killed.
As the children wail to be released from their chains, Nami realizes that she must redirect the children’s anger at Caesar the Clown. The children broke the chains and amazed even Caesar at how strong they had become. Realizing that there is a way to stop Logia’s gas, Usopp fires the Firebird Star at him. However, the flames burn out just before they touch Caesar, much to Usopp’s surprise. Caesar concludes that Usopp thought he would catch fire because his body is made of gas, and concludes that Usopp knows about his Devil Fruit powers. Caesar tells him that his powers don’t just apply to poisonous gases, but to any gas within a certain distance of him, including the oxygen in the air around them. He then demonstrates this ability by removing the air around Usopp, causing Usopp to suffocate. Nami tries to attack him with storm clouds, but suffers the same fate as Usopp. As they choke, Caesar tells the two Straw Hats that he actually met Luffy’s group and choked them just like he did now. The kids start clamoring for candy, causing Caesar to turn to the kids and explain that they will only get their candy if they return to the lab. But before that, he orders them to kill Nami and Usopp, and two of the children pick up a large pipe.
Before they can land a blow, Brownbeard bursts through them, also carrying a pipe, knocks both kids down and tries to attack Caesar, only for Caesar to use his ability to dodge the pipe. However, this breaks Caesar’s grip on Nami and Usopp without oxygen, allowing them to breathe again. They are surprised to see Brownbeard who tells him that he is awake now. Caesar sarcastically asks who he is, remembering him as his subordinate and asks what happened to him to make his body burn like that. Brownbeard remembers Scotch saying he killed him here on Clown’s orders. Brownbeard continues to attack him, saying that he trusted Caesar. The Clown tells him not to get so angry and says he was surprised he survived the Yeti Cool Brothers attack. The clown tells the children to get away from this place as it is dangerous and to board a flying gas balloon as they continue to hallucinate, one seeing a huge snake and the other zombies crawling out of the ground. Nami continues to try in vain to prevent them from going with the madman.
Brownbeard tells Caesar that he doesn’t care that he was cheated, but he wants his subordinates back so they don’t suffer the same fate as him. Caesar is completely taken aback by the demand, so he reminds Brownbeard that he no longer has any men, that they, including Brownbeard, are now his men, and Brownbeard shouldn’t act like a captain and call him New World trash. As the two clash, Nami and Usopp run after the children, wanting to keep them safe. The Clown reminds him that his subordinates still see him as their savior and are too stupid to know better, and then admits that he’s only keeping them alive so he can use them as guinea pigs, infuriating Brownbeard even more, which prompts him to attack. but Caesar intercepts it with Gastanet, causing a huge explosion. Nami and Usopp barely outrun the explosion when Caesar appears right behind them, causing another explosion to engulf them.
Caesar then boards the Den Den Mushi, tells Monet that he has obtained the children, and asks her how preparations are going for Smiley’s decoy. Monet replies that all the preparations he ordered have been completed. The clown tells her that all she has to do is wait for Smiley to arrive. He then orders her to connect him to all the receivers. Caesar then starts talking to various illegal brokers. He apologizes for the delay due to the experiment, but what he has is worth the wait. He explains that the poison gas weapon he is about to show them has been improved to a greater extent than it was four years ago. He calls it a weapon that the world government could never recreate. Brokers from all over the New World are watching the broadcast, some including representatives of one of the Yonks, some unknown brokers are also watching as Clown tells them he is willing to make a deal if they are interested. Tamago and Pekoms are seen among brokers looking at it. Another of the spectators is Eustass Kid. A subordinate asks him if he is interested in a weapon of mass destruction. Kid replies no, but it doesn’t hurt to know.

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