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The Marines are terrified of Brownbeard and the Straw Hats ruthlessly destroy their only defense against the approaching deadly gas. Usopp realizes the same thing the marines did. The Marines try to quickly patch the hole in the shutter and manage to keep the gas out. Brook separates his soul from his body and surveys the damage outside, noting that everything is completely covered in gas when the shell around the bubble containing the video of Den Den Mushi with a gas mask shatters, allowing the snails to emit the devastating power of the Shinokuni. . Brook states that anyone who comes out will not survive. He tells the group that he would surely die if the hole wasn’t sealed. Zoro nods and simply says “Ok” much to the annoyance of the marines who aim their weapons at the Straw Hats and Brownbeard. Nami and Usopp panic while Sanji, Zoro and Brook look more relaxed and Brownbeard is just surprised that the marines know who he is.
On the second floor, Luffy excitedly notes that the battle has begun. Law points at Smoker and Tashigi and tells them to stay out of his way. Nami calls out to Law and tells him to return her and Sanji to their respective bodies, which he does, much to Sanji’s dismay. Nami realizes that she’s back to normal, but then realizes that the coat she’s wearing isn’t the original one she was wearing, and punches Sanji for taking it off. Sanji tries to explain but realizes his body hurts more than if he was just punched. Usopp explains that Nami took a lot of damage from Caesar Clown. Sanji was just relieved that it happened in his body and not hers. Law then asks if everyone is up to date on other people’s affairs. He tells everyone they can’t leave the lab because of the poison gas. He goes on to say that there is a way for them to escape into the sea. They must look for a door marked “Building R-66”. He tells them they have two hours to take care of any last minute business and escape. Furthermore, it cannot guarantee their safety in the laboratory. Luffy asks Law if everything is going to be alright in the lab. The law tells him to just do what he has to do and see where things go. Luffy runs off and declares that he will beat Caesar into submission. Kin’emon declares that he will save Momonosuke. The other Straw Hats decide to split up and help Kin’emon search, deciding that Zoro shouldn’t go alone. Smoker orders his men to retrieve the kidnapped children and find the “R-66” door. Once they reach the port, they seize Verg’s tanker and leave the island on it.
The Marines start going after the Straw Hats, thinking they are escaping. Smoker gives Tashigi orders to lead the troops. She asks him where he’s going and then realizes it has to do with Verg. Smoker reminds Tashigi of his philosophy of never backing down. She then tells him to let her go with him because Vergo shouldn’t be taken lightly. Smoker then asks her who would protect the soldiers if she left. He then orders him to take them and the children and run away. Zoro and Usopp are now talking. Zoro can’t believe that Luffy was defeated. Usopp explains that Caesar has the ability to remove oxygen from the surrounding air. Zoro remembers the yeti putting him to sleep and realizes that letting someone’s guard down for even a second will be deadly. He then calls out to Luffy that this is the real thing. They are now in the New World. Luffy is surprised at first by the statement, but then smiles and tells Zoro that he won’t let his guard down again. Luffy runs towards the approaching group of Caesar’s underlings. Luffy wraps his legs around the side rail and swings under the pavement as they start shooting at him. He then comes out the other side and starts spinning quickly, clearing his way through Caesar’s men with Gomu Gomu no UFO. He laughs and tells his crew that he will go ahead, angering Zoro, who reminds him to take it seriously as Usopp laughs. Luffy yells as he uses his spinning lower body to take more people away.

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