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In the research room, the guard is shocked to hear that the child turned into a dragon and asks the little girl where she saw it, and she says that she peeked into the Secret Room and kept it to herself, and now she’s worried about Momonosuke. She lies to the guard that she is fine and not to worry about him and that she is eating and tells the little girl not to tell anyone what she saw.
In Caesar’s lab, Luffy asks what Monet is doing, and Monet creates a ten-layer snow hut. Monet walks through the snow huts to see Luffy and asks what it feels like to have ten layers of snow huts that can’t be broken easily. Luffy just says she’s delaying time and he snaps it in no time and tells her to stop wasting time. He says that he can’t beat him and she agrees that she couldn’t achieve victory in a fight with him, but tells him not to confuse victory with fighting. She then wraps her wings around him and Luffy notices how cold she is and her body is like ice and tells her to get off. Monet refuses stating that he can no longer escape her grip and the cold drains him of his strength and Luffy becomes sleepy. He then points out that there’s a lot of snow piled up around them and Luffy should pass out soon and asks if he’s feeling okay. He tells him to just slowly close his eyes and relax, but Luffy manages to fend it off and use the jet spear to free himself by breaking the ground. As Luffy starts laughing, he ends up falling down to destroy the floor. Commenting on his hidden potential, Monet tells him that falling from their location will end up in the sewers and a dumpster deep in the ground. He adds that if he can’t fly, he’ll never get out and just says to himself how he just dug his own grave and says goodbye to him.
Outside the Biscuits Room, Chopper continues to hold the kids in his Monster Point, telling them that he knows it’s painful, but he has to endure it and not take more candy, knowing that they want to go home. He tells them that he won’t let them into the Biscuits Room. He holds the kid and accidentally hurts him and Chopper apologizes because he didn’t mean to hurt him, only for the other kids to violently attack around Chopper with pipes and call him a monster, stating that it has nothing to do with him and wants the candy saying it’s theirs. Chopper tells himself that there’s no point in saying that he can’t stop them if he doesn’t fight back. When Chopper is ambushed, the kids notice the opening and run to the Biscuits Room, and Chopper tries to stop them, only for the Rumble Ball to wear off and him to return to normal. They all rush into the room intending to get the candy and start stomping on Chopper and he can’t move and luckily is saved by Nami when the other Straw Hats and Kin’emon arrive as Nami and Usopp ask what’s going on while Kin’emon screams. say your son’s name. Chopper starts tearing up, glad they came, saying that Caesar is trying to make them big violent fighters and he can’t put a finger on them and says he has to find a way to stop them. When they go to the Biscuits Room, Robin uses her Mil Fleur: Gigantes Mano and makes giant hands to stop the kids. Chopper then tells Nami about the Mocha girl trying to help him, saying that she is in danger and is now protecting the sweets in the room. Usopp comments that this is bad and will stop at nothing to get the candy now.
The kids say the hands are annoying and start attacking and biting Robin’s hands, causing her to let go saying they are so violent and she can’t stop them. The kids see Mocha and tell her to pass the candy. Mocha, coming to her senses, tells them not to eat it, that it’s an evil candy and tells them to snap out of it, that Chopper is trying to help them. She says that if they don’t obey, they won’t be able to go home and Chopper says it’s pointless and tells her to run. She starts to run and the kids tell her not to eat the candy alone and then she sees the exit closed with Monet in front and asks her for help. Monet tells Mocha that she can’t keep the candy to herself and should share with the rest. When Zoro notices her, he asks who she is, and Usopp points out that she’s the bird woman he saw earlier.
In the SAD production room, Law is seen bleeding and breathing heavily after fighting Verg. He uses the Shambles to get his heart back and the moment he does Vergo appears in front of him and kicks him hard in the face sending Law back to the iron bars behind him and he spits out blood. Vergo grabs Law’s heart and begins to squeeze it, causing Law to cry out in pain. Law struggles to get up and Vergo stiffens his arm and starts brutally punching Law over and over again causing Law’s hat to fly off and Law manages to grab Vergo and use Counter Shock on him which sends a large electrical shock through his body. the attack did little damage. Vergo easily recovers and delivers Joker’s “what a shame” message to Law, and Law just sneers at Vergo as he calculates how to get his heart back from Caesar, and that Vergo is his only bad guess. Vergo says that Law should call him Vergo-san and retorts that he squeezed Law’s heart even tighter, causing Law to scream in agony as Vergo tortured him. Vergo then mentions how he’s in the middle of something and ‘he’ just had to show up referring to Smoker who just arrived and says that no matter what it costs he plans to seal Smoker’s lips permanently. When Law appears to have lost consciousness, Smoker replies that it would be better to end things quickly and get rid of the trash that was looking down on him, and calls Verg the pirate Verg. The two then prepare to fight.

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