Read One Piece Manga Chapter 687


Sanji assures the G-5 men that while he won’t hurt the women, Zoro is a different story entirely and that he and Tashigi will be fine as they continue to find the children. This boosts the morale of the marines that if they complete their objective they will receive praise from Tashigi, Nami and Robin.
Meanwhile, Zoro gets angry at Tashigi and claims she’s getting in his way, but Tashigi claims that aside from keeping Monet from going after her subordinates, she’s staying behind because Zoro won’t cut the woman down based on her claim based on their first fight. back in Loguetown. Zoro denies this, but claims that Tashigi wants to fight Monet, he sits down and allows Tashigi the battle. Thinking she has taken over Zoro’s “weakness”, Monet becomes cocky and attacks Tashigi with a flurry of snow attacks. She eventually manages to injure Tashigi by biting his shoulder. However, Tashigi holds out as she knows she will lose her hand if she withdraws.
Just as Monet is about to finish her off, Zoro slashes Monet in the face with Busoshoku Haki, causing her to let go of Tashigi. He chides Tashigi for being too slow as he approaches Monet threateningly. She admits that there are things she’d rather not cut, then asks if she’s ever met a wild animal that’s guaranteed not to bite. Monet realizes that he is actually going to attack her, but is paralyzed with fear because of it. Zoro cuts her in half but doesn’t use Haki so she survives thanks to her Logia incorporeality. He then asks if both women are happy. However, Monet is still too scared to pull herself together properly. Half of Monet’s body manages to get up and tries to stab Zoro in the back. Tashigi then intervenes and finishes her off, eventually defeating the snow harpy.

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