Read One Piece Manga Chapter 689


Brownbeard is shown on the first floor of the R Building, yelling at the door and saying he will tell his men Caesar’s true colors. Caesar decides to go down to the first floor to deal with him. Brownbeard asks Caesar to give him back his men while Caesar asks what is wrong. A flashback occurs showing Caesar leaving Brownbeard’s men to die outside. Caesar claims he has no idea where they are. Caesar’s men start questioning Brownbeard about what he’s doing, so he reveals to them that Caesar called them guinea pigs for his experiment. Before he can, however, Caesar injects him with a muscle relaxant, preventing Brownbeard from moving and pronouncing “guinea pig” correctly, confusing the underlings. Caesar then quietly reveals to Brownbeard that he left his men outside and that he, their savior, was the one who caused the explosion that paralyzed nearly everyone four years ago. Brownbeard then tries to attack Caesar, but Caesar dodges and orders his men to shoot him.
Luffy suddenly enters the room and stabs Caesar with the Elephant Gun. Luffy then stands in front of Brownbeard to protect him and remembers the kind words Brownbeard said about Caesar earlier. Caesar then orders his men to return to the second floor to begin preparations, and Momonosuke recognizes Caesar as the one who experimented on the children. Luffy then asks Caesar what Punk Hazard actually is, and Caesar reveals that it is home to a scientific underworld where experiments take place, people die, and no one is the wiser. He tells Luffy that he doesn’t know anything about the island and explains how pointless everything he’s done so far has been, revealing that SAD is actually using Doflamingo to make artificial Zoan Devil Fruits called Smiles. He tells Luffy that he heard that one of the four emperors used this fruit to build a powerful garrison. Caesar then tells Luffy that he is protected by these powerful people like Doflamingo and that a human of his level would not be able to take them at all. Then, out of anger, Luffy punches Caesar and tells him that he has dealt with guys like that many times.

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