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The G-5 Marines are back at Punk Hazard trying to save their buddies. They note that the protective gear developed by Vegapunk is resistant to the toxic gas and comment on how Caesar Clown lied to his subordinates that it was useless. He then tries to find his friends and break the poisonous shell created by the Shinokuni.
Meanwhile, Brownbeard thanks Smoker for allowing him to return and save his crew members, saying that he will not forget the Vice Admiral’s name and that he will definitely return to be arrested.
As the remaining G-5 Marines comment on how creepy Baby 5 and Buffalo’s headless bodies are, their heads fly and attach themselves to their bodies. Doflamingo himself then appears and uses Haoshoku Haki to knock out the marines. After getting revenge on the Warlord for attacking them, he reveals his string manipulation abilities and defeats them. He then demands of Smoker where Law and the Straw Hats are, but Smoker sarcastically replies that he doesn’t know. Enraged, Doflamingo attacks Smoker.
The Straw Hats are on the sea slope, which Luffy says is fun. Law tells the Straw Hats that they are commonly seen, though Usopp shouts otherwise. Franky explains to Brook that the “little lamb” is actually a Mini Merry II. Kin’emon is surprised to know that the next target is Dressrosa, claiming that one of his friends is being held there. Luffy then informs his crew of their plan to take down the Four Emperors; Zoro says that’s great as Usopp shouts otherwise again. Sanji warns Law about how his and Luffy’s idea of ​​an alliance is completely different.
Caesar Clown then berates the crew for provoking Doflamingo and Kaidou, angrily stating that they should die for it. Sanji kicks him to shut up and Chopper says he should do it after he’s done treating the scientist.
Law informs the Straw Hats about Doflamingo and Kaidou as well as their plan. Usopp, Nami, and Chopper are horrified by Law’s explanation that Kaidou has over 500 Zoan Devil Fruit users, and Zoro tells them to shut up. Afterwards, Chopper praises Caesar for his work on SAD, much to Usopp’s objection, but soon loses interest after Law clarifies that it was Vegapunk who discovered the use of bloodline elements.
Back at Punk Hazard, the G-5 marines plead with Doflamingo not to kill Smoker, tearfully stating that he is the only one who would bother to take care of them. Shichibukai tells them not to worry because he will kill them all, as well as Law and the Straw Hats. While trying to deliver the final blow to Smoker, former Admiral Kuzan appears, saying that the Vice Admiral is his friend.

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