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Word of Doflamingo’s resignation from the Shichibukai quickly spreads around the world. On one island, one man asks another if they had an arms deal with the Donquijote family. One of them tries to call the family, but no one answers on the other end. The first man states that they need weapons from him in order to wage war in their favor. Jewelry Bonney curiously reads about Luffy and Law’s alliance while eating a slice of pizza. People react to the news and assume that the alliance won’t lead to anything good and that Doflamingo must have had his reasons for resigning. Among those readers is Jinbe.
At the Kid Pirates base, the crew reads the stories and wonders how their alliance brought the news. Someone is asking who the journalist who reported this is, Absa. Apparently he was getting huge news everywhere. Kid says it doesn’t matter how their alliance got away. He resents Luffy and Law teaming up. He correctly assumes that Luffy and Law are also after one of the four emperors and wonders which one it is.
Several Den Den Mushi are ringing in Dressrosa. However, Doflamingo receives a call from the Law and Slam Hat Pirates. The Straw Hats are stunned that he picked them up, but Usopp warns them to be quiet so he won’t hear them. Luffy screams his name into the receiver and declares that he will be the Pirate King, prompting a slap from Usopp, but to no avail. Luffy continues, making sure that he was right in thinking that Doflamingo was Caesar’s superior and that he was aware of what Caesar had done to his subordinates and children. He tells Doflamingo that he will return Caesar as per the deal, but begins to threaten Doflamingo if he does such a thing again, and is about to quit when Doflamingo asks if it’s been two years since Ace’s death.
He then remembers Luffy disappearing only to reappear two years later and asks what he was doing. Luffy refuses to answer, but Doflamingo tells him that he was looking forward to meeting him. Doflamingo goes on to say that he has something that will surely interest Luffy. Luffy immediately assumes that Doflamingo is talking about meat and begins to fantasize as Law pokes his head away from the receiver and warns him not to get carried away with “his pace”. . He resumes the conversation, asking Doflamingo not to go off on tangents and saying that he will get Caesar as agreed. Doflamingo reminds Law what could happen if he was tricked.
He then asks for confirmation that Caesar is alive and well. Law points the receiver at Caesar as the bound scientist begins to tearfully apologize, but is interrupted when Law takes the receiver back. He tells Doflamingo that in eight hours he will deliver Caesar to the southeast shore of Green Bit, a deserted island north of Dressrosa, and leave him there at 3:00 p.m., which is as far as Law is willing to go to accommodate Doflamingo. Doflamingo pretends to act hurt, saying that he was looking forward to maybe having a drink and catching up with an old friend. Law responds by declaring their conversation over and hanging up.
Luffy notes how he almost deviated from the target, and Usopp notes that Luffy’s eyes (meat-shaped) tell a different story. Sanji then realizes that they don’t know how many men Doflamingo will bring. Law tells him that numbers don’t matter, and if all goes according to plan, then Caesar will act as a successful decoy. Usopp now understands Law’s plan. While Doflamingo is distracted, they use this window to destroy the SMILE factory. Law tells Usopp that he’s right, but there’s just one problem. He doesn’t know where the factory is. Franky assures him that the factory must be massive and they should be able to see it easily, at which point he could take care of it with his laser. This excites Usopp and Chopper. Law goes on to say that he was troubled by the difficulty of obtaining intelligence. Nami reasons that the factory has a high priority, so it may happen that the information is top secret and not easily accessible.
Kin’emon asks that when Law mentioned the Green Bit if they would go to Dressrosa or not. Law assures him that they will arrive in Dressrosa. Luffy asks Law if he’s ever been to the “Dressing Room”. The law says no, because it’s a country Doflamingo completely controls. Luffy is excited, saying that he can feel another adventure coming, and once they get there, they make a plan. She can’t wait to see what Dressrosa is like and hopes to go to Wano Country as well. Law asks him if he really thinks they can land without a proper plan in place. Luffy asks Sanji what they have for breakfast and Sanji replies that it’s just sandwiches. Chopper asks for a cotton candy sandwich while Robin just asks for tea. Law tries to tell them that he doesn’t like bread, but is shocked at how easily he gets swept up in the crew’s pace and ignored.
While eating, Kin’emon begins to tell the story of why he went to Punk Hazard. He asks Law if he knows a place called Zou. Law is surprised because that’s where his crew is and he planned to go to Zou once the mission in Dressros was done. Kin’emon eagerly asks if he and Momonosuke could join them on their journey to Zou. Luffy agrees wholeheartedly and decides they should go to Wano while they’re at it. Law tries to intervene, but Kin’emon continues his story. Kin’emon, Momonosuke and two other samurai were on their way to Zou when they were shipwrecked. Kin’emon, Momonosuke and one of the other samurai washed ashore on Dressrosa. Momonosuke continues and says that they were attacked the moment they landed in Dressrose. On the boat they met several children who said they needed medical attention. Kin’emon got off the ship to help them, but immediately set sail and trapped Momonosuke on board. Kin’emon followed Momonosuke only because his friend Kanjuro stayed behind to hold off the enemies. Kin’emon now vows to return the favor and save Kanjur. Franky and Chopper are deeply moved by Kin’emon’s story, and Luffy declares that he will save him as well. Law yells at them not to get distracted.
The scene changes to Marine HQ, where Commodore Brannew gives a speech about how there must be seven Shichibukai, no more and no less, with their loyalty and strength to act as a deterrent to the other pirates. Presents the current roster: World’s Strongest Swordsman, Dracule “Hawk-eyes” Mihawk, Debauched King of Dressrosa, “Heavenly Yaksha” Donquijote Doflamingo, Human Weapon, “Tyrant” Bartholomew Kuma, Lord of the Amazon Lily, “Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock, Rookie Standing behind the Rocky Port incident, “Surgeon of Death” Trafalgar Law, living legend “Star Clown” Buggy and the one mentioned earlier. Seven people did this until word broke that morning that Doflamingo had resigned. He adds that depending on his intentions, Law’s position is also at risk. Brannew goes on to say that the Shichibukai should be given the same respect as the Marines and the Four Emperors, but is interrupted by Sakazuki, who tells Brannew that he made his point. He asks if Brannew thinks Law and the Slam Hats are free to roam, adding that Smoker filed his report yesterday and that the matter will be cleared up within a day, with Fujitora sent to deal with them.
On Dressrose, someone asks Doflamingo not to make rash decisions. Child 5 asks the little girl where Trebol is. An old woman playing cards wonders what Doflamingo is thinking, and another underling states that he is ready to fight if the marines show up, while the old man replies that his orders are absolute. Baby 5 then spots Trebol high above the tower, comments on how funny everyone looks in the pandemonium, and wonders if the outside world is anything like what he sees. He comes down and asks Baby 5 if the rumors about her last fiancé being killed were true. Child 5 tells him that he is invading her personal space and that there is a fine line between persistence and annoyance. Trebol then asks if she likes him being annoying all the time. Child 5 tells him to shut up and that Doflamingo asked him to, adding that he should bring “it” with him and reminds him of personal space again. He tells Baby 5 that she needs to be more discreet in choosing her men and then asks her to marry him, adding that he was only joking. Child 5 questions if she really needs her and gets two old people playing cards to tell her not to go there.
In another room, Doflamingo praises Diamante for overseeing the coliseum. Diamante shrugs this off and says that Doflamingo’s regal charisma is the real reason for the Coliseum’s success. Doflamingo insists that it’s all thanks to Diamante’s know-how and calls Diamante a savior. Diamante tries to rebuke it, and Doflamingo is about to agree this time, only for Diamante to change his mind and take all the credit. Trebol then drips from the ceiling and says he has the item Doflamingo asked for. Doflamingo then reminds him of personal space before taking the box and telling Trebol to sit down.
Doflamingo gives the box to Diamante, who tries to argue that he is unable to keep the box until Doflamingo agrees with him again, at which point he changes his mind and takes it. Doflamingo opens the box and pulls out a devil fruit, saying that he really had something that Luffy would be interested in, the Mera Mera no Mi, and says that there is no way Luffy would let anyone take his brother’s power.
Meanwhile, the Straw Hats and company have just arrived in Dressrosa and are more than excited to disembark.

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