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People in a restaurant look down into a hole made by a blind man. Everyone marvels at the blind man’s abilities. Sanji says he has an ability and Zoro wonders what it is. As the blind man leaves, he offers to pay for the damage. The cashier thinks he recognizes the man, but before he can say more, the man apologizes. Luffy asks the man what it is. The man tells him that it wouldn’t be wise for them both to tell Luffy his identity. Sanji is confused as to what the man meant and wonders if the man has some degree of shame. Zoro agrees that he is not a normal person.
Suddenly, people start to realize that their possessions are gone. Bag, watch, jacket and wallet were stolen. The patrons realize that this must have happened when the old man kicked up the dust before. Sanji wonders if the man robbed everyone. Zoro notices that his sword is missing, and to Kin’emon’s horror, Kin’emon realizes that the missing sword is Shusui. A nearby puppet tells them that the fairies have taken everyone’s possessions. When Zoro asks if fairies are a group of thieves, the puppet simply replies that fairies are fairies and just laughs it off and moves on. The invisible fairies have been the guardians of Dressrosa since ancient times, and humans have no choice but to accept whatever they do. Zoro gets angry and tells the puppet that it’s not a joke, and Kin’emon agrees, saying that it’s a national treasure of the land of Wano. Zoro disagrees, saying that it is his sword, and Kin’emon declares his intention to fight Zoro and take Shusui back to the land of Wano. Zoro is not intimidated by this. Just then, Zoro notices something moving. He looks at the window and sees someone climbing out of it with a package of things. Shusui is associated with that bond. Zoro runs after the thief, Sanji follows Zoro to keep the swordsman from getting lost, and Kin’emon follows in turn, refusing to let Shusui escape. Luffy also tries to run after them but is stopped by Franky. Franky tells Luffy that he has a plan. Since they are dealing with inferiors, Franky asks Luffy to let him take over.
They go outside with one of the men from the roulette table and start questioning him. The subordinate tells them that he’s been ordered to track down some samurai, but he has no idea where they are or if they’ve even been captured. He also knows nothing about SMILE Zoans, or a factory of any kind. Luffy remarks that he knows nothing about his own crew. Franky then orders the man to tell him where his superiors are. She tells him that everyone is busy, but that everyone has been called to the coliseum, including him. He tells them that there is a big event at the Corrida Coliseum. The guy goes on to say that some amazing prize has been offered. Luffy immediately thinks the man is talking about the meat he thought Doflamingo was talking about earlier, only for Franky to say it was something he wanted.
The scene changes to the Corrida Coliseum. A soldier standing at the entrance, preventing children from entering and shooting anyone who tries. Inside the stadium, the announcer builds up the crowd and says that no words can properly describe the awesomeness of what they are about to see. The prize is very rare indeed, a fruit that was eaten by a man who died in Marineford two years ago, its power giving him the legendary status of a revered ‘Fire Fist Ace’. The announcer pulls back the cloth on the display next to him to reveal Mera Mera no Mi and declares that it will go to the winner. The audience is horrified for a moment, but immediately starts cheering again. The announcer goes on to say that the king has brought out warriors from all over the New World. But getting this prize is not an easy task, but they are not ordinary fighters. He then gestures to the TV screen and introduces the participants from the Donquijote family: Senor Pink, Dellinger, Lao G and Machvise. He then introduces the current operator of the Diamante Coliseum. The crowd is now buzzing with excitement and eager for the matches to begin. A blind man from an earlier time can be seen in the crowd.
Back outside the restaurant, Luffy and Franky have just learned that Ace’s fruit is being offered as a tournament prize, much to Luffy’s surprise.

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