Read One Piece Manga Chapter 705


The chapter opens with Franky in the stands shocked to see such a powerful competitor as Jesus Burgess, thinking that Luffy will easily win the tournament. He then gets up to leave and do his job, but Thunder Soldier says he wants to go too, much to Franky’s annoyance.
Elsewhere in the coliseum, a marine scout reports to his boss, Capman, asking for reinforcements due to the sheer number of formidable outlaws in the coliseum. Capman says he’ll ask Issho right away, but is confronted by Gambia, a “missionary” from the Barto club, but quickly takes care of him. Meanwhile, the blind man rises to leave and his subordinate gives him his (admiral’s) coat. The blind man requested 3 battleships and a large number of doctors and said he would go to Green Bit first. He is then revealed as Admiral Fujitora and asks his subordinate about the number of spectators, the population of the city and the country. When his subordinate asks why this is needed, he replies that before they count the number of enemies, they should count the number of people who need protection.
In the northeast cafe, the members of the group responsible for replacing Caesar ask about Green Bit, but are told to avoid it because there are fighting fish that are very dangerous. He also says that no one who used the iron bridge to the Green Bit ever came back. Usopp and Caesar ask Law to change the drop-off location, but Law refuses. Law is more worried about the lack of panic even though Doflamingo, their king, has just resigned, but his fears are cut short by the arrival of CP0, the most powerful intelligence agency in the world.
Elsewhere, Zoro is seen chasing the “fairy” who stole his sword to the top of a building and taking it back, only to overstep and fall to the ground with the “fairy” falling with him. Meanwhile, Kin’emon gets lost and is surrounded by enemies who seem to have captured Kanjur. Sanji also keeps his promise and defeats the mysterious sniper much to Violet’s delight. Back on the ship, the group protecting the Thousand Sunny is playing Shogun when they suddenly hear a mysterious sound.
Back at the coliseum, Bartolomeo enters the arena as one of the referees asks if he saw Capman, who is shown defeated.

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