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Bartolomeo enters the arena as the announcer introduces him. He called Bartolomeo cruel and crazy, citing an incident where he impaled pirates and aired it, and holds the top spot for the person people most wish would disappear. Bartolomeo is then introduced via a character box where his bounty of 150,000,000 Beli is listed. Bartolomeo raises his hands and declares that he is sending everyone to hell. The crowd starts booing and telling him to get lost. He responds by making a face and then throwing an object into the crowd. One of the workers asks what he thinks he’s doing. People in the audience start to run and hide when someone shouts that he has dropped a bomb. Everyone stops when they hear the strangely normal sound the “bomb” makes as it lands. It turns out that Bartolomeo simply threw the ball at them. Dagama sarcastically praises him for his great job of winning over the crowd and calling him a thug. Bartolomeo says he doesn’t care what people think of him.
The announcer then introduces another contestant and calls him the opposite of Bartolomeo; the man with the greatest devotion to Doflamingo who swore allegiance to their king after bringing him a pillar made of gold from another country. The crowd is excited with anticipation because they know who the announcer is talking about. Thanks to him, every country that insulted Dressrosa by calling them pirates was destroyed by this man known as Dressrosa’s Killing Bomb. And now this man has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The scene changes to backstage where the clerk directs people to the infirmary. He tells them they don’t have enough stretchers for everyone and encourages people to walk if they can. Someone asks why there are so many powerful fighters in the tournament. Luffy muses that they’ve all been pretty beaten up by Burgess as a shocked man rushes past him on a stretcher. Bellamy goes to Luffy and tells him that his eyesight is not bad and that he can see through Luffy’s disguise. He could never forget the man who ruined his reputation. Bellamy is re-introduced with a character box, meaning his current bounty on Bela is 195,000,000. Luffy recognizes him as the guy who beat up Mont Blanc Cricket and starts to guess the wrong name, but Bellamy interrupts and reminds him. Luffy asks him why he is here. Bellamy doesn’t say a specific reason because he doesn’t live on Jaya and can go wherever he wants. He goes on to say that he has worshiped Doflamingo since he was young. He doesn’t care about Mera Mera no Mi. All he cares about is winning. Luffy remarks that they will fight again. Bellamy tells him that he is nothing like the man Luffy fought in Jaya. He tells Luffy that he also went to the sky island at the expense of his crew and came back a changed man. Luffy asks what he did to the people there. Bellamy mysteriously answers by answering the question with the same question. As he leaves, he tells Luffy that he no longer sees any bad blood between them, all he wants is to bond with Doflamingo.
As Bellamy walked into the light of the arena, the announcer told the crowd that if Bellamy won the tournament today, he would be promoted to a high executive position in the Donquijote family and was one of the favorites to win the tournament. He ends his performance by introducing Bellamy the hyena. Cavendish gives Bellamy a slightly jealous look, noting his large numbers. He then asks Luffy what block he is in. Luffy is about to answer as the chapter begins with narration, listing notable fighters from each block:
From C Block are Sai, Lucy, Kelly Funk, Jean Ango, Boo, Ideo, Fighting Bull, Don Chinjao, Hajrudin and Bobby Funk.
From block D are Mummy, Orlumbus, Cavendish, Meadows, Fighting Lion, Rebecca, Damascus, Rolling Logan, Acilia and Suleiman.
And from the group that will clash, B Block, is Elizabello II, Blue Gilly, Tank Lepanto, Abdullah, Bartolomeo, Ricky, Bellamy, Dagama, Hack and Jeet.
The announcer swings a wooden mallet at the starting bell and the match begins. Bellamy tries to decide where to start when he sees several fighters being thrown back. Tank Lepanto, Elizabello II and Dagama discuss whether they should take out Bellamy first, to which the tactician says yes, as they need to take out the stronger fighters while they still have numbers on their side. Bellamy asks what they’re doing and Bartolomeo notes that the battle isn’t really a battle royale anymore. Dagama tells them that when they are dead, they can complain all they want. All that matters is who is the last one standing.

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