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Block B continues and the audience realizes that Dagama has formed an alliance with the other competitors. The announcer announces the news to the entire Colosseum and tells the spectators that this action is not against the rules and announces who is the mastermind of the operation. Dagama thinks that his kingdom cannot lose it due to the immense power of their king Elizabella II. He goes on to think about how Elizabello left a hole in the rival kingdom’s fortress and then thinks about the only downside to using Elizabello’s power; charging and use requires one full hour. He goes on to wonder how it’s capable of taking out the Emperor in one blow, saying that the outcome of the battle depends entirely on the timing of the strike.
Dagama then asks Elizabello how his preparations are going and Elizabello replies that he is ready to go anytime. Dagama then tells his men to defend the king and continue to reduce the numbers to ensure victory. Bellamy then mocks Tank Lepanto for teaming up with Dagama and Elizabelle, due to his position as Dressrosa’s defense captain. Lepanto replies that money is what makes the world go round and that dreams are not important as he prefers to take the easiest money he can get. Bellamy laughs and attacks Lepanto. In the middle of their clash, three more competitors fall into the lake. The three fighters are disqualified and then the announcer tells the audience what is inside the lake; a school of small flying fish. The crowd cheers as the flying fish are shown. The announcer then states that it is impossible for anyone to come out of the fight unscathed because it is the Corrida Colosseum.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the block, Abdullah and Jeet battle other competitors. While Abdullah attacks them from the front, Jeet attacks them from behind, causing one of the fighters to tell Jeet that what they are doing is cheating. The two then stand next to each other and Abdullah says how much he loves the sound of fighting.
Elsewhere on the block, a fighter tells Hack that fishmen shouldn’t stick their noses where they don’t belong. He goes on to say that Hack shouldn’t be there because he’s a monster. The fighter continues to taunt Hack, but then Hack tells him that instead of talking with his mouth, he should be talking with his fists. The warrior then attacks Hack with his spiked mace, but Hack is unharmed by it and knocks the warrior back with a four thousand tile strike. Hack then goes on to say that even though the fishmen believe Jinbe (who is also Hack’s friend), the fishmen should fight back with their fists as well.
Elsewhere in the block, Dagam’s men are attacked by Blue Gilly. Blue Gilly tells the fighters to get closer to him because he thinks it’s no fun if they stay that far away. Dagama tells his men that Blue Gilly is only a long leg and that they should target his leg to shoot him down. Dagam’s men respond by refusing to approach him because they don’t know where his kicks might land next. Blue Gilly then attacks the man.
Elsewhere in the block, the gladiator notices an unfamiliar face. They point out his strength and say they have never seen him in battle before. They go on to point out that he only uses one sword, unlike the other gladiators who use both a sword and a shield, and that he must be a samurai from the land of Wano. Revealed to be Ricky, this gladiator attacks the men and tells them they are too slow.
Elsewhere in the stands, several audience members point out that they’ve never seen Ricky in the Coliseum before, and one of them states that they know his fighting style, but say they don’t remember his name. The audience then continues to yell at Bartolomeo, asking him if he wants to die and saying how they want him to lose because he’s just lying outside.
Meanwhile, in the participant viewing area, Cavendish explains to Luffy why people call Bartolome “The Cannibal”. He goes on to say that it is because of his mocking of others, and says that Bartolomeo is one of the cheeky children who became famous after him. Luffy then says that it’s exciting and asks Cavendish what his name is. Cavendish replies that he is Cavendish, and Luffy then asks him what he has in his hand (but calls him Cabbage instead). Cavendish replies that he’s checking his rewards for The Worst Generation posters and says he’ll probably have to get new ones soon because of all the knife prints he left on them. Luffy tells him that he should probably forgive them, but Cavendish replies that he just wants to kill them. Cavendish then goes on to say that he thought at least one would be there because of the price on offer. He then says that maybe they are hiding their face like Burgess did before and says that he will wait for them among the survivors.
Suddenly, Don Chinjao interrupts the conversation and comments on the view of the match from the surrounding area. Chinjao then asks Luffy how Garp is doing and calls him Straw Hat Luffy. Luffy then asks him if he knows his grandfather, causing Cavendish to be shocked. Luffy then realizes that he has revealed his identity. Chinjao explains that a long time ago Garp almost killed him and that he decided to hold a grudge against his descendants. This causes Luffy to say nothing more than “what?”

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