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Robin awoke to find a bunch of dwarves crawling on her looking for something suspicious, much to her shock. When she tried to get up, a certain dwarf named Leo informed her that she should stay down, while another named Kabu informed the other dwarves that she had used a special spell. She then remembers capturing Kaba, only to be knocked out by the anesthetic flower along with Usopp. She is then informed that she is currently under the Green Bit Forest and that she should not try to escape as she is pinned to the ground by Nui Nui’s power. Robin then apologized to the dwarves and promised to keep their secret from them, the dwarves didn’t believe her at first but after Robin reassured them they immediately trusted her much to Robin’s shock. However, the chieftain of the Tontatta Kingdom arrived and demanded to know what was going on, to which Leo explained that Robin was a good person, whom he immediately believed, shocking Robin again.
Robin then notices that it’s almost exchange time and that she has to go, she then asks the dwarves to return her Den Den Mushi, but is informed that it has been returned to the wild. She then asked to be taken to the exit, but the dwarves said that if she was a really good person, she would give them her weapons, though Robin said she had no weapons. The dwarves then told her she had to undress and attacked her. However, she is rescued by another dwarf named Flapper, who quickly informs them that she is the girlfriend of the legendary warrior who was with her. Robin knew that “legendary warrior” would be one of Usopp’s lies and wondered what kind of lies he had sprung on them.
Meanwhile, in the port city of Dressrosy, Acacia, Zoro runs with a dwarf named Wicca. Wicca was the “fairy” who stole Zoro’s sword, and due to an ankle injury she sustained while being chased by Zoro, she relies on it for transportation. While Zoro relies on Wicca for direction due to his lack of an internal compass. Wicca also informs Zoro of several things she found out during her scouting mission, such as the fact that Doflamingo’s crew is on their way to attack the Straw Hat ship.
And in the Corrida Colosseum, the match for Block C was about to begin. Rebecca was seen reminiscing with her thoughts until she noticed Franky and Thunder Soldier running. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she recognized the tin soldier she knew so well. She called out to Thunder Soldier who saw her and Franky stopped for a minute. The Tin Soldier told her that when he saw the list of participants, he couldn’t believe that she would willingly go back there. She screamed out of her emotions that she would win the tournament this time and they could be together when it was over. However, Thunder Soldier told her that the crying warrior would not win the tournament and asked Franky to hurry to his destination. Still confused by what was going on, Franky wondered if it was okay to let her cry, but the tin soldier explained that even toys have things they want to protect. However, the tin soldier doesn’t even have tears coming from his tin eyes, so Franky ponders his words and quickly exits the arena while Rebecca drops to her knees with her heavy emotions.
Finally, back on the southeast beach of Green Bit, with two minutes left in the meeting, Trafalgar Law is informed by Sanji, who has called him urgently, that the exchange is actually a trap. That Donquijote Doflamingo never really left his Shichibukai position and that he and Issho plan to attack him. Trafalgar Law told him that it was too late when he saw that Doflamingo and Issho had already moved in to surround him.

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