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During a confrontation between Law, Donquixote Doflamingo, and Issho on the Green Bit, Caesar Clown yells at “Joker” to finish Law off already. Law tells Doflamingo that he broke his promise and that they will have to start their agreement from scratch. However, Doflamingo laughs it off and tells Law to leave his subordinate Caesar alone. Just then, Issho and his men realize that Law’s hostage is none other than Caesar Clown, the criminal scientist behind the poison gas incident. However, Issho says that since he is a warrior’s subordinate, he is absolved of his crimes.
Doflamingo then turns his attention to Issho and asks if he is really Fujitora, the man who was assigned to the Admiral at the World Military Draft. He then says that he heard stories about Fujitora and Ryokugyu being true beasts when it comes to strength. Issho replies that although he is still new to the Marines, he cannot understand what Doflamingo is doing on the Green Bit. He then states that he received information that Doflamingo, as a member of the Seven Warriors, is not exactly following the rules. Doflamingo laughs at this and says that if he plans to investigate him, he’ll have to be prepared to back up his claims before he says anything.
Doflamingo then asks how the marines decided to dispose of Law. Issho says that if Law is truly in alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates, then he is no longer a Warlord. However, he says that if the Straw Hats are only subordinate to Law, then Law can remain the Shichibukai. Analyzing the situation, Law decides to buy some time by telling Issh that he is in an alliance with the Straw Hats. Doflamingo laughs again and Issho officially strips Law of his title as one of the seven warriors, then prepares to attack.
Issho then uses his Devil Fruit power to cause a meteor to fall from the sky directly at them, much to the shock of Law and Doflamingo. Caesar and Issho’s men run for it, but Law, Doflamingo, and Issho use their Devil Fruit powers to hack the meteorite into pieces. The falling pieces of the meteorite create a large crater around them, leaving only their points of support. A furious Doflamingo then asks Issho what the fleet admiral taught him. Law comments that it doesn’t matter if Issho can see or not. Issho replies that he was just testing his strength a bit.
Back at Dressrose, Franky is talking to Sanji about the day den mushi. Franky informs Sanji that he and the Thunder Soldier are heading to the flower field, while Sanji informs Franky that he has fallen in love. Franky tells him that’s great and he’ll find the factory soon, but it’s going to be more work than they originally thought. Sanji then tries to inform Franky about Doflamingo’s trick, but Franky says that he already read about it in the newspaper and plans to destroy the factory anyway. He then invites Sanji to meet them at the flower field. Sanji then worries for Nami’s safety, but Franky tells him to stop thinking she’s still weak, reminding him that Brook and Chopper are with her.
Sanji then notices a giant television screen broadcasting a fight from the Corrida Colosseum. He is shocked to see Luffy on screen kicking a gladiator in the face while the announcer expresses his shock at the power of the mysterious gladiator Lucy. Sanji then tries to inform Franky that Luffy is fighting in the Coliseum, but Franky reveals that he let him fight, much to Sanji’s frustration. Sanji then ends his call and Violet gives Sanji a map of the secret factory. Violet informs Sanji that the factory looks like a toy house from the front, but it’s actually a factory. Sanji expresses his concern that Violet will be in big trouble if she continues to help him, but Violet tells him that her superiors are probably already aware of her betrayal. Sanji then tells Violet to meet him at the West Port and hide so they can escape later, but Violet, amused that Sanji still thinks he can save her, tells him that he is truly hopeless and before running away he smiles.
Suddenly, Kin’emon appears out of nowhere and tells Sanji to defeat a group of Doflamingo’s men who have been chasing him. Sanji does so and then comments that Kin’emon could have defeated these small fries by himself, but Kin’emon said he couldn’t because they used his friend Kanjur as a hostage. He then asks Sanji to go with him to rescue Kanjur from a place called “toy house”. But he doesn’t know where it is.
Back at the Green Bit, in the Kingdom of Tontatta, Usopp and the dwarves are worried about all the commotion coming from the ground. Robin says it must be Law and the others. The dwarves then notice that their hero is upset, but Usopp says that he is fine and that the shaking was just his Haki. The dwarves are amazed and tell him to eat whatever he wants, calling him Usoland. Robin then asks Usopp why the dwarves call it Usoland. Usopp shows her a statue that says hero and asks her if it reminds her of Jaya’s picture book. Robin realizes that the statue is Mont Blanc Noland. The dwarf Leo says that he is right and tells the story of how Noland came to their island 400 years ago and fought the evil people who ravaged their island and led the dwarves to victory. Flapper then says that he was touched when “Usoland” said Noland’s name and said he was his descendant. Robin looks at Usopp and calls him a bad person, but Usopp replies that his lie saved her. The Dwarf Chief Gancho then states that Usopp’s arrival was due to fate. Leo then says that it was 400 years ago today that Noland led their ancestors to victory, and now on the day they swore to fight Doflamingo, the hero Usoland appeared. He then says that when Usoland is finished, they will use the underground tunnel to meet up with their friends on Dressrose and fight the Donquijote family. The dwarves then declare that Usoland will lead them to victory and chant his name, much to Usopp’s horror.

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