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Gatz is surprised to announce that Hajrudin has been defeated, referring to him as a favorite warrior and speaking for everyone in finding it unexpected. The crowd loves it and starts cheering for Lucy. Meanwhile, Luffy helps Ucy to safety and says he’s cornering the cow. Cavendish is not impressed with Luffy’s strength, while Bartolomeo seems to enjoy the display. Rebecca is completely shocked by Lucy’s strength. Ideo walks over to the unconscious Hajrudin, remarks that the ring is no place to take a nap, and delivers an explosive blow that launches Hajrudin’s huge body into the arena and panics the onlookers before he falls into the water. Gatz was again surprised to see the explosive power of Ideo’s punches, referring to him by his nickname “Destroyer Cannon”. Ideo then states that he powers up by eating Mera Mera no Mi while blasting other fighters.
Gatz then turns the crowd’s attention to the three fighters from the Flower Land, referring to them as famous kenpo users. Sai is then seen smashing the warrior’s helmet and shield, knocking him down. Sai is then introduced as the thirteenth leader of the Happo Navy. Gatz refers to the strength of Happo’s navy and centuries of war experience. Boo is then seen defeating an opponent and is introduced as the deputy leader of the Happo Navy. Chinjao is eventually introduced as the retired twelfth leader of the Happo Navy while surrounded by a ring of warriors. As the gang tries to move in on Chinjao, he clasps his hands together and knocks out several fighters with Haoshoku Haki, stunning the crowd. The other warriors remember his generosity and legendary status as a pirate, and Chinjao turns to them, warning that he’s only after one person, so they should avoid him.
Immediately in front of Chinjao, Jean Ango is seen collecting the weapons of the fallen gladiators, thanking Chinjao for supplying them by the way. He is then introduced as the bounty hunter “Jean the Robber”. Gatz recalls that Ango is a bounty hunter hated by many pirates in the New World. The warrior pounces on him, crying that he will not forgive Ango for sending his partner to prison. Ango simply says he’s a sniper and the guns he cleans up are his bullets. He throws the charging man a clean sword and tells him to attack the prison if he cares about his partner as much as someone did two years ago.
Elsewhere, Kelly Funk is mercilessly beating down a fighter who has long since passed out. The crowd does not like such exaggeration and shouts disapproval at him. Bobby tells his brother to stop and tries to grab him, but accidentally grabs the victim instead. The brothers are then introduced as assassins from the Mogaro Kingdom. Kelly angrily tells her brother that the guy he beat up called him a midget and asks Bobby for his opinion. Bobby assures him that he doesn’t, but Kelly lunges at the hapless fighter again, and Bobby once again grabs the wrong person in an attempt to stop his brother. Kelly ends her brutal beating by threatening to gouge the man’s eyes out. Gatz mentions that the brothers are notorious in the underworld and adds that they are rumored to have been able to handle pirates with bounties exceeding 100,000,000 Beli.
Boo comes at them, curious to see how a boxer with no formal training will go up against him and immediately sends Kelly Funk flying with a quick jab to the chin. The crowd is amazed at how easily Kelly was sent flying. Gatz again shows his personal opinion on commentary, saying that Boo is too strong, while one of his assistants stops him from saying more. Boo then sets his sights on Bobby Funk, who reacts fearfully, claiming he’s never been in a fight, showing his back as Boo swings his ax at him. To his surprise, the ax shattered even though he used Busoshoku Haki to push the blade through, leaving Boo to wonder how strong Bobby’s body was. Bobby looks after his brother, still furious at being mocked for his height, and tells him to “put it on”. Suddenly, what appears to be a larger, enraged Kelly wearing Bobby’s hat turns the tables on Boo to Sai’s dismay, hitting him with a flurry of punches that knock him unconscious and knock him to the ground. Unable to tell which brother is actually attacking, Gatz guesses that Kelly has transformed into another person.
Elsewhere, Jean Ango stole Luffy’s helmet; Worried that his cover is blown, Luffy is forced to use his cloak to hide his face and hat. Ango mentions that he heard something interesting about Lucy and mentions the rumor that Monkey D. Luffy snuck into the tournament. Luffy looks to his right and sees Chinjao knocking down fighters to get to him. Gatz announces that about forty people remain on the block, saying that it’s still anyone’s game.

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