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The crowd is stunned by the Funk brothers taking down countless fighters with devastating power. Nearby, Don Chinjao orders Sai to avenge Bo’s defeat at the hands of the Funk brothers, while another attendee remembers what happened between the Funk brothers earlier, which was revealed through the devil fruit’s ability. As Boo attacked the Funky brothers, Kelly activated his Devil Fruit ability and transformed him into a jacket, which Bobby put on. Kelly explains that although Bobby was born with a tough body, he is weak-willed and unsuited to fighting, which is the opposite of Kelly, who has a fierce personality but a weak body. However, using Jake’s Jake no Mi powers, Kelly is able to make good use of Bobby’s body by taking control of him and making full use of his power. Kelly goes on to explain that his fruit allows him to control anyone it carries, even animals and monsters. After his explanation, the fight between the Funky brothers and Boo ends with Boo being easily knocked out with one punch.
Sai then approaches the Funk brothers, who insult him, calling him a poor man who can’t take care of his own brother. However, Sai doesn’t react aggressively to their words, only explaining that Boo didn’t train hard enough, which is why he was so easily defeated. The Funk Brothers then attack Sai Rarara Ranbo, only for him to dodge their flying fists like stepping stones. As he leaps into the air, Sai states that his discipline in the art of Hasshoken has stripped him of his brotherly feelings; but as the leader of the navy, Happo will avenge his men without mercy. Sai then delivers a devastating Hasshoken ax kick to the head of the Funk brothers, knocking them down.
Elsewhere, Luffy is confronted by Don Chinjao who wants Luffy to pay for the loss of his power and youthful memories that Garp took from him, to which Luffy replies that he knows nothing of what his grandfather did and tells Chinjao to deal with it to his grandfather personally. Unfortunately, Don Chinjao refuses, telling Luffy that even Garp’s death wouldn’t be enough payback – he has to lose someone close to him. Jean Ango watches the affair from the sidelines and is amused when his suspicions that Lucy is actually Straw Hat Luffy are confirmed. Luffy tries to rip off his helmet, but Jean dodges, taunting Luffy and throwing knives at him. Luffy easily avoids all the knives thanks to his Kenbunshoku Haki, while Jean expresses her desire to track down and kill every major prisoner that made it out of Impel Down. Hearing this, Luffy wonders how his fugitive Ivankov is doing as he dodges more of Ango’s knives. It is only after Jean Ango loses his temper with Luffy’s ability to dodge that the pair notice that all the knives that missed Luffy hit Don Chinjao. This surprises Jean enough that Luffy is able to calmly pick up the stunned robber’s helmet, shortly before Chinjao hits him in the head with the stock.
Meanwhile, in the middle of the arena, Ideo and Sai clash intensely with their respective martial arts styles, though neither is able to take the lead in the fight. Tired of running away, Luffy finally accepts Don Chinjao’s challenge and the pair rush to the center of the arena. As Gatz comments on Ideo and Sai battling it out for the honor of being the greatest fighter in the arena, Luffy kicks Sai aside while Don Chinjao punches Ideo, leaving the commentator and the audience mesmerized. The two fighters throw punches full of Busoshoku Haki at each other and with it a wave of Haoushoku Haki that knocks out every last contender in the arena, making these two the final competitors in the C block battle royale. Diamante, who was watching the match, comments on the demonstration of Haoushoku Haki as the final C Block melee confrontation begins.

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