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Don Chinjao is impressed by Luffy’s Haoshoku Haki. Luffy tells Chinjao that he wants to become the Pirate King, and Chinjao scolds him that there are many people in the sea with the right qualities to become a king, and in order to do so, he must defeat all the conquerors. Chinjao asks Luffy who taught him haki and Luffy says it was Rayleigh. Surprised that Rayleigh is still alive, Chinjao punches Luffy and tells him that he doesn’t want to remember the past. Don Chinjao starts to cry that his treasure was in front of him but he couldn’t get to it. Gatz and the crowd are surprised to see the legendary pirate begin to cry. Chinjao then angrily demanded Luffy’s answer as to what Garp had done to him, but Luffy replied that he should either cry or get angry because Luffy himself had no idea about Garp’s life in his golden years.
Meanwhile, Sanji and Kin’emon watch Luffy’s battle from the big screen in town. Kin’emon then asks Sanji to help him rescue Kanjur from the toy house, but Sanji says it’s too dangerous now that Bastille and the Marines are surrounding the Coliseum. Although the marines had surrounded the coliseum since the start of the first battle royale, not a single loser from block A and B had left the stadium and there was no word from their spy Maynard who was a fighter in the tournament about further developments and they were worried. about all the unknowns that might surprise them.
The scene changes to Thunder Soldier explaining to Franky the two rules Donquijote Doflamingo has put in place since he became King of Dressrosa ten years ago. They are:
There is a midnight curfew. No one can be out after that hour.
Toys and people are not allowed to go to each other’s houses.
This surprises Franky because toys and people get along so well. Suddenly, Esta is seen yelling at the toy, saying that he has caught the “human disease”. The toy insists that he used to be Esta’s boyfriend, but Esta’s current boyfriend brushes it off, and the town soldiers take the toy away and throw it in a trash can. While being carried away, the toy screamed in vain that it was human. After this scene, the two then turn their attention to the boy, who tells his dog Wanpoko to let him ride him, but Wanpoko refuses, saying that the boy is too heavy. Wanpoko is actually Milo and used to be the boy’s father and the boy’s mother’s husband. Thunderous Soldier of Rage then asks the mother and son if they have a husband and father, and they say no. Clearly confused by this, Franky asked the soldier what was going on here, and the soldier revealed that the toys were forgotten people who had been turned into toys by a devil fruit user under the employ of Doflamingo’s family since he rose to power. island ten years ago. This revelation shocked Franky to the core and he asked if the soldier was once human, but told him that he would tell him more once he arrived at Flower Hill.
On Green Bit, the fight against Law’s favor continues and Law fails to contact Nami through Den Den Mushi.
In the Kingdom of Tontatta, the ground rumbles from the battle above and Leo mistakes it for Usopp’s “Haki”. Leo then quickly staples all the furniture in his house to a safe surface. After everything in the house is secured, he leaves the house, forgetting that he also accidentally sewed the grandmother to the shelf. Leo asks Usopp and Robin if they are hungry and they say no. Usopp asks Leo why they want to fight Doflamingo, and Leo replies that 500 dwarves are being held captive in a dark factory on Dressrose, including the princess of the Kingdom of Mansherry. Leo then exclaims that the decisive battle will be in the dark factory beneath the Corrida Coliseum.

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