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Gatz announces to the crowd that there are currently three contenders fighting against the Donquijote family: Block A winner “Champion” Jesus Burgess, Block B winner Bartolomeo the “Cannibal” and Block C winner Lucy. He then informs the crowd that only one more person will be in the finals, but that the Block D battle will be delayed by 15 minutes due to arena repairs.
News of the delay angers the crowd as they are very impatient to watch another battle royale, meanwhile Cavendish attacks Luffy outside the arena, though Luffy is easily able to block his first attack. This catches the attention of Bartolomeo, who is angry at Cavendish for going after Luffy, though Bartolomeo stops along the way to torture a few bystanders for insulting Luffy for failing to save Ace. Bartolomeo uses his Devil Fruit to create a barrier to crush one of the onlookers, not caring that he is clearly a noble. Bartolomeo then tells him that Luffy will become the future Pirate King and also reveals that he was in Loguetown the day Buggy tried to execute Luffy and was amazed by the miracle that saved his life. He then goes on to say that he has since been following the news about Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates and that he was inspired to sail the seas as a pirate after the events of Marineford. Bartolomeo is then implied to have cut out the noble’s tongue as Luffy and Cavendish continue their fight, with Luffy questioning why they even need to fight.
The onlookers plead with the two to stop, but are unable to even get close to the fight, while Bartolomeo is too nervous to meet Luffy for now, the Chinjao family then arrives and Sai announces that his grandfather would like to speak with Luffy. However, Luffy is suspicious and believes that Chinjao wishes to continue their fight when in reality he only wanted to express his gratitude, unfortunately, Chinjao accidentally smashes the floor with his headbutt. This causes Luffy to run away while being chased by an angry Cavendish, though Rebecca manages to take his hand and lead him away from the commotion.
On the way, they run into Burgess who is in the middle of a conversation with his captain, which catches the attention of Luffy, who stops to hear what’s going on. During the conversation, Burgess mentions that he can’t trust Aoki and then informs his captain that Luffy is with him, Blackbeard then begins to have a short conversation with Luffy, telling him that Burgess will win the Mera Mera no Mi for him, but Luffy promises that will not allow
As Luffy leaves Rebecca and questions him about his relationship with the other pirates, to which he replies that he’s something of an acquaintance and that he can’t let him win, Luffy then stops by to try and get some free samples, although the shop owner is a bit suspicious, that Luffy is not interested in buying anything even if Rebecca offers to pay for him.
Rebecca then takes Luffy to the gladiatorial chamber and tells him that she is impressed by his strength, though Luffy is more interested in his lunch and asks if he is hungry, though Rebecca tells him that he is not, reminding Luffy of a samurai. Luffy is then captured by an unknown assailant who asks Rebecca to kill Luffy, though Luffy manages to break free, avoid Rebecca’s slash and then subdue her while still eating. Rebecca then tells Luffy that she will accept whatever punishment Luffy gives her, although Luffy doesn’t want to punish her because she bought him food. Luffy is then informed of the gladiators’ plight and how they are little better than prisoners under Doflamingo’s regime, while Rebecca announces her desire to win the Mera Mera fruit and kill Doflamingo.

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