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As Rebecca lies on the ground sobbing, a confused Luffy questions her sudden breakdown. She then explains to him that her friend, the one-legged soldier that Luffy met outside the Coliseum, will soon die. Confused Luffy finds such shocking news very strange, though he discovers that the fact that the toy is alive in the first place is even stranger. Rebecca tells him that Luffy, like every other newcomer to Dressrosa, cannot fully understand. He goes on to explain how toys in the countryside are treated like people who are able to make friends with friendless people, become brothers with those who have no brothers, and become lovers with those who have no love. She notices the fact that toys and humans are not allowed to live together, which she finds confusing. Ever since her mother Scarlett died 10 years ago, “Mr. Soldier” has raised Rebecca as his own out of grief and kindness. Gatz then announces that the arena has been repaired while the other gladiator prisoners tell Rebecca that the upcoming D block battle royale will begin soon. Rebecca then notices Luffy eating his spilled food from the ground. He explains that even though he spilled his food in the fight earlier, he eats it anyway as an apology to Rebecca for having to pay for his food, calling it delicious. Gatz then mentions how the D-block battle is full of veterans, and as Rebecca enters the arena, she tells Luffy that she will face him in the final match.
When Rebecca enters the arena, she remembers how she lived with her mother as a young girl, specifically the day she helped her mother sell some flowers and then they had a meal together. She then remembers how the king’s palace was ravaged and burned as she and her mother fled from the younger Diamond and some other members of the Donquixote Pirates. Fortunately, they managed to escape the attackers and find refuge in the nearby woods.
After a while, Scarlett decides to get food for the both of them and leave Rebecca behind, though she promises to be back soon. A few days later, Rebecca hears movement in the bushes, discovering a battered and bruised Thunder Soldier with a bloodied Scarlett in his arms, which shocks Rebecca. The Thunder Soldier explains how Scarlett was attacked and despite trying to protect her, she was eventually killed. Thunder Soldier gives Rebecca some food, though she starts crying instead. Confused, the Thunder Soldier doesn’t know what to do at first, though he immediately puts a hand over her mouth to silence her as Doflamingo’s troops arrive looking for Rebecca. Later, Thunder Soldier tells Rebecca that her mother was an important person and as her daughter, she is also just as important, which is why Doflamingo is after her. He then tells her that since he failed to protect her mother, he will protect her, even at the cost of his life. However, Rebecca is not interested in herself, she is fixated on her mother’s death. She starts sobbing for her mother as Thunder Soldier tries to cheer her up, while trying to escape back to her old home. However, Thunder Soldier realizes that her home has already been occupied by Doflamingo’s troops. Back in the village, Donquijote Doflamingo is shown as the new king who usurped the throne from the previous Riku family who had ruled for centuries before their usurpation. It also turns out that in recent years the previous regime of Dressrosa was hated by its subjects for increasingly high taxation. Doflamingo promised to destroy the old ways and bring back wealth to the land.
Thunder Soldier then tries to take care of Rebecca, who is initially resistant but eventually accepts him. He then finds a place for Rebecca to live and tells her that even though he can’t live with her, he will always be there by her side. To prove his point, he drops one petal from the window into her bedroom every morning. Over the years, the two are very happy together until Rebecca is kidnapped, prompting the Thunder Soldier to attack her captors and retrieve her. In the process, he becomes a wanted man. The two then find another place to live, and Rebecca promises that one day she will live in the same house as him. Deciding that Rebecca should learn to fight and protect herself from danger, the toy begins to teach her how to defend herself.
The flashback ends with Rebecca entering the ring thinking about how the soldier has always protected her. Gatz then announces her arrival as people jeer and shout at her. Rebecca then hopes for Thunder Soldier’s future and well-being and promises not to lose.

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