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The audience continues to shout hateful slurs at Rebecca while speaking poorly of her grandfather. Luffy says that being the granddaughter of the former king is moot, thinking of Chinjao and his own grandfather. The condemned gladiators agree with him. One of the competitors compliments Rebecca, calling her beautiful but even more of a nuisance than Bartolomeo, while another muses that killing her would make him a local hero. A voice calls out for him to stop. Cavendish enters the arena with drawn sword mounted on his horse Farula. Gatz excitedly announces his arrival as the women in the audience begin to swoon at his presence. Gatz comments that Cavendish hasn’t lost his touch from three years ago as a viewer calls out for Cavendish to let Rebecca suffer. Cavendish waves Durandal at the audience and tells them to shut up. She doesn’t know why the audience hates Rebecca, but she still has the determination to fight for her life in the ring, which the audience doesn’t. Cavendish tells the audience that those who don’t fight have no right to speak ill of her and anyone who wants to back up their threats should pick up a gun and step into the ring, adding that the words of those who don’t make up their minds are just noise against his ears. Cavendish goes on to say that while he has his reasons for competing this time, he hates competitions like this because he believes that the life of a warrior is not something that should be used for entertainment. The crowd is visibly moved by Cavendish’s speech as he dismisses his horse. Even Luffy was impressed by what Cavendish said, but not enough to like him.
The mood of the audience has changed and they start cheering for Cavendish as Gatz comments that Cavendish’s charisma is palpable. Another gladiator tries to compliment him, saying that although he didn’t foresee the audience not reacting like this and that their behavior is quite fickle, he doesn’t have time to finish his compliment. Cavendish suddenly realizes that he is suddenly popular for the first time in three years, catching the gladiator by surprise. Rebecca comes to Cavendish and thanks him for what he just did. Cavendish tells her that he only did it because they irritated him and that she should ignore it since they are now enemies. His imagination then runs away with him, and he asks if there are any reporters around, saying that it would be “tragic” if the event got into the papers and the press got an interview with him. Gatz announces that everyone in Block D has gathered, 137 people in total, with only one competitor dropping out before the start of the round when the starting bell rang. The gladiators begin to fight as seven favorite fighters from earlier are shown: Cavendish, Suleiman, The Mummy, Rolling Logan, Damask, Orlumbus, and Rebecca.
The scene changes to the Flower Field where the Kabu and Bian squads have just arrived. Leo declares that the day of reckoning has arrived. Thunder Soldier seeks to inspire the soldiers and instill in them a sense of loyalty to the former king. The plan took over a year to come together, and they can even win against the Shichibukai. Usopp listens to the plan so he can figure out the best time to escape.
Back in Acacia, Wicca tries to guide Zoro, telling him that to the left is the side where his swords are not. He explains that Giolla is attacking the Thousand Sunny and gives him an overview of his abilities. He tells Zoro that he cannot forget the names, faces, and abilities of the three people who defeated the entire Dressros army ten years ago: Diamante, Trebol, and Pica. Sanji and Kin’emon see Zoro nearby and catch his attention. Zoro introduces them to Wicca as Curlyland and Top-knotland. Sanji and Kin’emon are quickly informed of the situation on the ship and decide to go with Zoro to rescue them. Violet peeks out from around the corner and tells Sanji that their ship has taken Giolla and is on its way to the Green Bit.
On the Thousand Sunny, Giolla turned the waves into musical staffs. Brook is happy to have her art and Giolla is happy to have found someone with taste. Nami asks if they’re really going to the Green Bit, and Giolla tells them to imagine the look on Law’s face when he shows up in their place. Chopper calls Brook out of his mind and asks if he’s really betraying them, while Momonosuke says that Brook has no right to call himself a swordsman. Brook tells them that a musician is just a different kind of artist and exists to make art. Giolla tells Brook that his friends will never understand their passion. The shot changes to show Nami, Chopper, and Momonosuke trapped in some kind of mural that Giolla names Dying Art, saying that it perfectly depicts the tragedy of Dressrosa and that those inside the mural will stop breathing in ten minutes. Brook states that he must write a song for this momentous occasion, and asks Giolla to return his violin and sword to their original state so he can play. He obliges as Chopper begins to lose consciousness. Brook shows Giolla that his bow is also a staff and says that he already cut it and walked away from her as his Ekaki Uta Hitoyogiri took effect. Chopper is relieved that Brook helped them as he begins to return to normal.
At the Green Bit, Doflamingo tells Law about how the twenty kings formed a world government. Nineteen of the twenty families decided to move to Mary Geois, Nefertari’s family was the only one who didn’t leave. Descendants of kings, world nobles, still live there today. This meant that nineteen countries had to elect new royal families and new families were established. He says that the new ruling family in Dressrosa was the Riku family, while the family that went to Mary Geoise was the Donquijote family.

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