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Sanji attacks Doflamingo with Diable Jambe and Doflamingo easily dodges while casually wondering if the person attacking him is “Black Leg” Sanji. Sanji again uses Premiere Hachi and Doflamingo dodge. Doflamingo then uses his Goshikito attack on Sanji and hits. She then turns her sights back on the Thousand Sunny, much to the horror of those watching from her. As Doflamingo prepares to board the ship, Sanji uses Poèle à Frire: Spectre. Doflamingo blocks the attack but admits that it is quite strong. He then takes control of Sanji. His crewmates panic when they see him immobilized, while Giolla just laughs and says that all who fight her master while remaining ignorant of his abilities are reduced to immobilization and his disfavor. Nami yells at Sanji to run. A whip extends from Doflamingo’s hand and he prepares to use it on Sanji in a move called Overheat. Nami and Brook prepare their weapons in an attempt to do something to help them, but Sanji tells them to leave him and run, ordering Nami to use Coup de Burst to escape.
From the shore, Law sees the events unfold in the air and quickly throws a log while using Shambles as he puts the Room around himself, Caesar, Doflamingo and Sanji. Law quickly switches places with the log and then moves everyone out of Doflamingo’s way. With no time to stop his attack, Doflamingo unleashes Overheat with such force that it reaches Dressrosa and cuts the building in half, surprising and confusing everyone watching. Law, Caesar and Sanji crash land aboard the ship. Caesar is saddened to be back on the ship and orders Giolla to help him, but she can’t because she finds herself in the same situation. Doflamingo now heads back to the ship, unhappy that he let his guard down. Chopper yells that Doflamingo is coming back again. Law asks Sanji how the destruction of the factory is going. Sanji tells him that they know where it is, but it won’t be that easy to destroy. Momonosuke asks Sanji where his father and Kanjuro are. Sanji tells him that they are also at the factory and Law realizes that they need more time. Caesar sees Law holding the heart and asks if he just took it from the ship. Law tells Caesar that the heart in his hand is his own and that Caesars hid in his own chest cavity.
Law tells the crew to take Caesar and immediately head to Zou. Nami is confused and Law explains that he already gave them the Vivre Card that will lead them there. Brook asks what will happen to Luffy and the others if they leave now. Law assures them that they will follow the ship once the factory is destroyed. Nami opposes the idea, saying that they can’t leave without their captain and that they’re called straw pirates for a reason. Before the argument can continue, a naval battleship comes from the Green Bit and flies over the island. To make matters worse, Doflamingo is now in range to attack the other side. Law tells them they can stay if they want, but they can’t hand over Caesar no matter what. The officer gives the order to fire, which the ship’s guns are, however something else descends on the Thousand Sunny, meteors. Frightened, Nami tells Law that the “Spiral Hat” pirates are ready to go. Sanji tells Law that he understands that he wants to keep Caesar away, but Dressrosa was only meant to be a small stepping stone for the overall plan and tells Law that he seems a little too fixated on Doflamingo.
Law uses Takt to redirect the meteor into the battleship’s hull. Aboard the ship, a soldier reports to Admiral Fujitoro that the ship has been hit. Issho, while slurping her bowl of noodles, casually comments that the hit was due to his misjudgment as he didn’t plan for Law to be with them. He gives the order to head back to Dressrosa and notices how the tide has turned. Doflamingo uses Overheat again and makes contact with something aboard the Thousand Sunny. Law catches the rope and is now wrapped around Kikoku. Law tells Sanji to find a place without clouds and stay there. Doflamingo ate the Ito Ito no Mi, which allows him to control strings, which involves throwing them through clouds as a means of moving through the sky. Chopper yells at them to leave while Law holds his sword to Giolle’s neck to keep Doflamingo at bay, even though she tells Doflamingo not to worry about her. Coup de Burst is activated and the ship launches.
On the bridge between Green Bit and Dressrosa, Doflamingo questions Law about only letting half the crew escape, saying that he could easily use the remaining members as hostages. Law tells him that would make Doflamingo just one of the many people who would regret underestimating this crew. Law tells Doflamingo that his alliance with the Straw Hats is now over, much to Doflamingo’s surprise, as he cuts to a shot of Luffy cheering followed by a shot of those aboard the Thousand Sunny trying to contact the others. Law tells them that the alliance should have stopped production of Smile cleanly, cutting out footage of Zoro and Kin’emon as well as Robin, Franky, and Usopp. Law tells him that even if he dies here, as long as the factory is destroyed, Doflamingo will still have to face Kaidou’s wrath. Doflamingo is impressed by Law’s plan. Law tells him that as much as he’d like to watch the chaos after the factory’s destruction, getting revenge for what Doflamingo did thirteen years ago comes first.

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