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Doflamingo wants to know what Law plans to do with Giolla, as his family will do anything to help their captain. Law simply rocks her and allows her to escape, which she doesn’t wait for. Doflamingo claims that Law’s grudge is just his pettiness from his past loss, but Law disagrees, stating that he plans to fulfill the devotion of a person he knew. So the two begin to clash on the bridge, with Law using his powers to create an explosion.
Out at sea, Nami’s group tries to get back to Dressrosa while searching for Dolflamingo. Chopper worries about Law while Sanji calls Usopp and finds out he is with Robin and Franky. As he hangs up, he notices that Momonosuke is quite upset about something. Momonosuke tells him that he witnessed Doflamingo cruelly torturing a subordinate for his failure in the arena when he visited the island with his father and their friend Kanjuro earlier. Afterwards, Kanjuro suggested that they flee the island, but was captured in the process, causing Momonosuke to fear for his safety.
Sanji listens passively as he thinks about Violet. Flashback showing that while they were riding the toy horse, Violet tells him that she has someone in the government waiting for her to take her off the island and thanks Sanji for his help. He tried to get her to kiss his cheek, but she saw in her visions a school of Fighting Fish attacking Sunny, causing Sanji to take off to go help the others.
Back in the present, Violet drives past several people watching the fight for D-Block on a monitor. She shoots and destroys him with the pistol before asking the toy horse to take her back to the palace.
At the Colosseum, Bartolomeo gained the attention of Zoro and Kin’emon. He cries with joy and is later told to inform Luffy that they are looking for him. He agrees and asks for Zoro’s autograph as a reward for the request.
In the ring, Rebecca manages to hold her own as she stays near the edge of the arena and knocks down opponents who try to challenge her. The announcer reveals that this is how she has managed to win all her battles without harming her opponents. However, she is soon confronted by Rolling Logan, who sets his sights on her and threatens to break every bone in her body.
Meanwhile, in the Colosseum’s underground medical room, Sai demands to know why his grandfather hasn’t left the doctor’s office yet. The guards say he left through another room, which Sai accepts and apologizes profusely for it. It’s his turn to be treated, but once he’s on the examination table, the guards open a trapdoor below him and let him into a dark, vast underground chamber. As Sai’s eyes adjust to the darkness, he sees that everyone else who lost in the tournament, along with the countless broken toys, were also dumped there. While the former contestants wondered what was going on, Chinjao vows to hold a grudge against Doflamingo for his actions until his grandson’s generation.

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