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The other defeated contestants from Block C of the tournament are thrown into a pit and a group of fighters think about how to escape. Ricky is amazed that such a place exists under the kingdom. Noticing something about Ricky, Tank steps forward before hesitantly asking if he is the former King of Dressrosa. Ricky, no longer having a reason to hide his identity, takes off his helmet and confirms that he is indeed the former King Riku Doldo III. Tank cries with happiness once it is revealed that he was a former soldier in Riku’s army, even though he entered the tournament to watch over Rebecca. Elizabello II is also happy to see him and hugs him tightly, saying that Doldo has helped his kingdom in times of need. However, Sai, Boo and Chinjao are less accommodating and confront King Dold, knowing that Doflamingo’s actions have brought him to power, leading to his prominence as a black market arms dealer who supplied weapons to enemies of the Kingdom. Kano. Sai also states that this is why the Happo Navy is in Dressros, to find and cripple Doflamingo’s weapon supply. Daguma also speaks ill of Dold, but Tank steps up and defends his former king. The pair argue, with Lepanto stating that the events surrounding Doldo’s fall and Doflamingo’s rise are uncertain, but Doldo stops him and forces the two to back down. Most gladiators will also reveal that they are former members of his army. Unexpectedly, several broken toys emerge from the pile and, along with the ex-soldiers, bow to Dold to the shock of everyone present. Hack reports to someone on Den Den Mushi.
Suddenly, an orb is launched at Sai, trapping him in the ceiling and before anyone can react, he is pulled through a tunnel into a dark room. An invisible process takes place, including Trebol ordering him to the factory; at the end of which Sai finds himself transformed into an ape with no control over his body, forced to do Trebol’s bidding as he marches out the door into the public.
Outside the prison cells, Luffy continues to root for Rebecca, but is starting to have trouble following her. He gets up to get a better look, while expressing his concerns about Dressros, stating that he can’t help but wonder if something is going on in that land. The prisoner-gladiators agree, stating that because of Doflamingo’s rule, he has hidden the island’s true, ugly nature from its inhabitants, and that losers like them are treated like living garbage and hidden away. Luffy immediately draws a parallel in his head to the Gray Terminal of his hometown, Goa Kingdom. The gladiators warn him to be careful as they leave. As he turns a corner into a crowded area, he is spotted by Bartolomeo, who screams and cries in admiration when he finds him.
Back at the Flower Fields, Gancho explains the past of the Tontatta Kingdom. 900 years ago, dwarves came to Dressrosa to find resources for their people. The former rulers, the Donquijote family, promised them help, but in reality they enslaved them and forced them to make jewelry and trinkets for themselves, out of public view. Even they are not sure of the events of the time as it happened during the Void Century, but eventually at the end of 100 years the Riku family took over Dressrosa. When the king learned of Tontatta’s suffering, he begged for forgiveness and offered to help them. The kingdom flourished during those peaceful years when the dwarves were hired to take small items from the people on the island disguised as fairies in exchange for small acts of kindness and planting flowers throughout the kingdom – until Doflamingo, the heir to the Donquixotes, came to the island and treacherously overthrew the Riku family and reclaimed the throne. Determined not to return to those dark days, the tribe plans to fight back with everything they have. With that being said, Robin asks Thunder Soldier about Rebecca and why people hate her. He reveals that it was due to the actions of Riku Dold, who believed he was doing the best he could for the country, but was tricked into doing something terrible. The truth was hidden from the common citizens who were led to see him as a bad and unfit king and revile him. The soldier tried his best to protect his granddaughter, but in the end she was caught and thrown into the coliseum. Usopp then asks who he really is, after which the soldier reveals that he is Rebecca’s father.

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