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When the army moves out, Thunder Soldier, Robin, Usopp and Franky move out. As Leo shows them the secret passageway underground, Usopp notes that it is very narrow and Franky is too big to go through, as he and Robin can barely fit on their own. Leo apologizes and mentions that big people weren’t meant for passage. Franky asks how he can find another way in, and the soldier reveals that he can go through the toy house above ground, but is against the idea. He reveals that it is only called a house because of its appearance, but there are no beds inside and all the toys work even at night. Usopp then asks if that means all the toys above Dressrosa are still tired from working all day and night, and the soldier says that’s true, except for himself. Franky decides to go through the house alone, saying that if they cause a ruckus up there, they can take out Sugar much easier.
Franky arrives at the toy house when the lower members recognize him as “Cyborg Franky”. Senor Pink then reports. Pink is seen eating a tomato while the woman tells him not to eat it because it will get messy. But he ignores her and rips off her swimsuit to use as a napkin. However, the women are swooning over him as he tells him that they should go after younger men despite their claims. When he says he doesn’t like children, they swoon again and call him “hard”. Franky doesn’t seem to care what’s going on and uses his coup to ventilate and attack the house. As this is happening, Doflamingo, Diamante, Pica, and Trebol hear commotion through the den den mushi.
In the underground tunnel, the dwarves explain to Usopp the size of the Donquixote family and the identity and power of the officers who run the operations. When they reach the end of the tunnel, the army finds itself directly below the palace platform, where a huge port is located. Unseen by anyone, the army prepares to find their target, Sugar, guarded by Trebol himself. They all arrive underground at the dock as Usopp reacts shocked by its size.

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