Read One Piece Manga Chapter 733


The battle for Coliseum D is almost over and there are almost 30 fighters left with Rebecca among them. One warrior, Suleiman, fights Rebecca while Orlumbus defeats Agyo.
At the Hidden Harbor, Usopp learned from the dwarves that Thunder Soldier had left the group to assassinate Doflamingo in his palace, leaving Usopp in command of the army to his disbelief. Although some of the soldiers nearly caught them, the dwarves easily subdued them with a fighting style called “Tontatta Combat” and their clothes were given to Usopp and Robin to disguise them.
Near the port elevator, many soldiers rushed to the elevator to see the battle between Franky and Senor Pink, unaware that the Thunder Soldier and several dwarves were hiding in a crate in the elevator. Seeing no other way, Thunder Soldier attacks the soldiers to hijack the elevator. During the battle, he recalls his training of Rebecca to teach her fighting instinct. He then declares his goal to restore Dressrosa under the rule of King Riku.
In the coliseum, an inexplicable event caused every fighter in the arena to fall unconscious one by one. Before anyone could speculate what happened, an unidentified fighter is seen standing up in the arena.

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