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In the Battle for Block D, after 20 contestants are eliminated, Gatz sees someone trying to stand in the middle of the block, and that person is Rebecca. When it’s announced that Rebecca is the winner of the block, the crowd starts booing her, saying she must have cheated. Meanwhile, in the gladiator quarters, Rebecca is cheering Rebecca on her victory.
Vice-Admiral Bastille tells a Marine about Rommel’s Kamaitachi outside the Coliseum. He says that some time ago in the kingdom of Rommel, a strange wind blew at night that had the power to cut people. After a series of mysterious events, the Marines decide to send a battleship to investigate. Many marines lost their lives due to this “wind”, but eventually they were able to find out that the culprit behind the wind was actually a man named Hakuba. Although they failed to capture him, they deduced that Hakuba appears in towns where a certain pirate stops.
In the Coliseum, Rebecca sees Cavendish unconscious in front of her and remembers that when she was fighting Suleiman in battle, Cavendish suddenly fell asleep. The other gladiators noticed this and took the opportunity to take him out. As they were about to attack him, Cavendish woke up with a sinister look on his face and slashed all the other gladiators so fast they didn’t even see him coming. However, Rebecca saw his movements and barely managed to dodge his punch, which hit her helmet instead. Cavendish then fell asleep again and returned to his normal form.
Back outside the Colosseum, Bastille continues her explanation about Hakuba, telling the soldiers that Cavendish transforms into Hakuba when he falls asleep, and that Hakuba was the one who went to sea after committing various crimes. The other marines begin to sympathize with Cavendish, but Bastille corrects them, saying that Cavendish is actually enjoying the popularity his alter ego offers him. Finally, Bastille notes that while Cavendish is a strong swordsman, Hakuba is even better than him in terms of strength and speed, and it’s just unfortunate for him that Cavendish’s ability doesn’t work well in a grappling-style match.
At the Colosseum, the mob accuses Rebecca of secretly carrying a gun. Lucy, watching next to Bartolomeo, says that it probably wasn’t just luck that allowed Rebecca to avoid these attacks, but he didn’t let anyone touch Mera Mera no Mi anyway.
At the palace, Doflamingo and the captured Riku Doldo III observe the outcome of the battles. Doflamingo is certain that Luffy won’t make it out of the Colosseum and that Franky, who is currently causing a ruckus, will be defeated by his companions. He states that their only pieces left are Zoro, Kin’emon, Robin, and Sogeking. The Unconscious Law is shown bound to the seat of the heart.
Luffy, Zoro, and Kin’emon make it to the palace entrance as Wicca revealed that it was one of the ways to enter the factory. There they met Viola, who claimed she was waiting for them to lead them to the palace.

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