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At the royal palace, Luffy’s group stands before Pica, the top manager. Viola reveals that he ate the Ishi Ishi no Mi, which allows him to fuse with any type of rock, and has currently merged with the palace, which is all stone. This allows him to control the entire palace. He then tries to crush Luffy and his group between the palace walls.
In the Coliseum, when the fighting fish jumps towards him instead of avoiding them, Burgess attacks them back with his flurry elbow, causing the fish to crash into one side of the Coliseum. The Coliseum staff order a stretcher for the audience members who were injured by the fish and tell Burgess not to hurt the audience, but he simply laughs it off as the rest of the audience looks on in shock. Then, the Fighting fish with the Mera Mera no Mi on its back will charge towards the contestants in the ring. Rushing towards Rebecca, Sabo quickly tries to grab the crate containing the Mera Mera no Mi. Diamante assumes that the person in Lucy’s disguise is Luffy and attacks him to prevent him from obtaining the crate containing the Mera Mera no Mi. However, Sabo breaks Diamante’s weapon with his pipe. Burgess tries to take the opportunity to take them both down at once. As Burgess takes his stance to prepare for his Surge Elbow, Sabo prepares to attack with his Dragon Claws. He powers up his Busoshoku Haki attack and hits Burgess. Much to everyone’s surprise, Burgess’ glove shattered from the force of the impact. However, Diamante realizes the difference between Luffy’s and Sabo’s fighting style and begins to doubt whether Lucy is really Luffy.
Meanwhile, at the Underground Factory, Usopp notes that the toys are still coming out of the factory proving that Sugar is in the factory. He then asks the Dwarves what those tentacle like things are that are attached to the tower. She explains to him that the one in the middle is the elevator that goes to the palace, while the pipe-like things are the pipes that go into the scrapyard. He takes people and broken toys from various places and throws them into the scrapyard that is under the executive tower.
Inside the Executive Tower is Cavendish with Trebol and Sugar. Trebol tells him that he is in the Executive Tower, which is a factory-like room where toys are constantly being spat out, and that it is also known by another name. It turns out that Trebol ate Beta Beta no Mi. Trebol says he won’t listen to what a brat like him has to say. Cavendish orders Sugar to retrieve the sticky substance he is bound from him, but she instead turns him into a toy and makes a contract with him without his consent at all. The contract states that he will not harm people and will bow to the orders of the Doflamingo Family. Almost immediately, Cavendish loses his free will. Trebol states that now no one remembers who he is and he will now have to work and die for Doflamingo as a toy. As a toy, he is forced to work with other toys to smuggle weapons. It turns out that the other contestants who were taken to the infirmary have also been made into toys and are forced to smuggle weapons.
Usopp, Robin and their group of dwarves arrive at the room where Trebol and Sugar are. The dwarves claim that Sugar loves to eat grapes. So their plan is to put a solid glob of the world’s hottest spice, Tatababasco, which they’ve made to look like grapes, into her basket of grapes. The spice is so spicy that when it was tested 50 times on dwarves, they all fainted and 18 of them were on the verge of death. Usopp tells Leo to go ahead and carry out the plan and he will stay back and cover him, though in his mind he intends to run if the plan fails. Leo steps up to put the Tatababasco ball in the basket as the other dwarves cheer him on. He says that when Sugar screams it will be the sign that all the toys will become human again and all their forgotten memories will return and Doflamingo’s evil deeds will be brought to light and his true colors will be revealed to all! He shouts that he is going to save his friends and bring the kingdom back to King Riku.

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