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Trebol notices the fly and uses his Devil Fruit powers to shoot the fly with enough force to smash it through the wall of the power tower. This scares all the dwarves, but Leo brags that even if he can hit a fly, he won’t be able to hit him, and runs towards the tower. While the other dwarves and Usopp encourage Leo, Robin stops him.
Inside the SMILE factory, supervisors force dwarves to work in the SMILE fields. He notes that even though five hundred dwarves were kidnapped, their comrades still didn’t notice anything due to their naivety; and since he is not going to acquire more slaves, he will work the current ones to his liking. The man complains that they are too slow and whips them. As he examines the fruits they have collected in the wagon, he notices that they have not yet become SMILE. He kicks the cart, knocking the fruit to the ground and cursing the dwarves. Although the dwarves know how to grow fruit, they complain that SMILE is an unusual fruit, but he is unconvinced and says that they are just making excuses. One of the dwarves pleads with him to let his companion rest, and that the food they were given was rotten. The Warden lies and tells them that the only medicine that can cure their princess is a SMILE and that only one of the ten SMILES can be used. They ask if he can let them see the princess, but the man pretends to cry and says that the “rare disease” could be infectious. The dwarves believe him and, moved by his affection, say they will do their best to make SMILES grow.
Outside the Executive Tower, Leo is angry at Robin for stopping him, but she explains that if he were to run inside, he would die. The fly that Trebol shot was hit squarely between the eyes, meaning he could easily attack Leo. It’s still too dangerous to target Sugar while she’s guarding her.
Bian scatters some pink hornets in the harbor and Robin reports the disturbance to Trebol, saying that some pirates are demanding to speak to an executive about their payment. Hearing this, Trebol is surprised that he is not afraid of the Joker. He notices that Robin is not the usual person to report, but she just lies and says that the other one went to eat. He also says that some people were injured. Trebol leaves to take care of the situation, but sets up more guards with orders to inform him if anything happens.
When they reach the power tower, the dwarves ask Usopp why he won’t fight Sugar. He bluffs that if he were to fight, the battle would be over immediately. He also says that it will help them gain confidence, but if anything happens, he’ll be there to help them beat Sugar.
Upon entering the tower, the dwarves quickly surround Sugar. They tell her that they will take back their companions enslaved in the factory and that they will make her pay. She replies that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and the dwarves believe her without being surprised. Usopp tells them that she tricked them and Sugar wonders who told them because they are too naive to realize it themselves. She drops the basket of grapes and says that she didn’t expect them to do anything for at least a year and that someone had to encourage it. feed her Tatababasco grapes. Sugar is somewhat upset that the dwarves think she is weak just because she is a young girl. Some of the dwarves rush in, but she turns them into teddy bears. She makes a pact with them and forces them to obey her orders. Usopp, who is watching, is shocked, but the rest of the dwarves lose all memory of the dwarves being turned into toys, and it appears to them that a group of toys suddenly appear in front of them. Sugar orders the toys to kill everyone in the tower. The toy dwarves don’t want to fight their companions, but they can’t disobey orders given by Sugar because of their contract. The dwarves attack the toys, who try to tell them they are their allies, but are unable to.
Sugar calls Trebol to Den Den Mushi and tells him he’ll be right back and that it’s a trap. When they turn back, Robin points out that the pirates who have been causing trouble are right in front of them. Trebol leaps at them and prepares to stop the fight, but they tell him that the disruption was caused by the hornets in the cargo and they were holding up their end of the deal. He turns to see Robin running and realizes he’s been tricked. He jumps again and catches her in the slime, but it’s a decoy. He recognizes her face before the clone disappears and realizes that the Straw Hat Pirates are after Sugar. He grabs the ship with his ability and slams it into the power tower.

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