One Piece Manga Chapter 74

One Piece Manga Chapter 74

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Arlong’s fishmen were defeated by Zoro while Arlong and his crew were in the Cocoyasi village. To regain the trust of the pirates, who began to think she let the swordsman escape, Nami battles Usopp, who has been captured. From Arlong’s point of view, he watches her stab him and throw him into the sea. The fishmen, pleased with this behavior that it is worthy of the real pirate Arlong, congratulate her. However, she tells him that she only did it so she could buy the village that Arlong had promised her. Johnny watches this from a distance unnoticed and quickly runs back towards the village.
Meanwhile, Hatchan returns and realizes that he has been tricked by Zoro. Luffy and Sanji, dragged by the sea monster Momoo, finally arrive at the overlook of Arlong Park.
Realizing that Zoro was in their hands the whole time, Arlong explains that since he has the highest bounty in all of East Blue, it’s only natural that the bounty hunter would want to take him out. He wonders where Zoro could be, to which Usopp replies that he doesn’t know and asks to be released. Although his lie doesn’t fool anyone, Arlong then gets the idea to kill Usopp to make Zoro appear, but Usopp tells them that won’t work and asks Nami for help. This causes Usopp to further doubt Nami’s loyalty among the crew, and Usopp scolds her for betraying Luffy, saying that he still trusts her, to which Nami calls him an idiot.
Hatchan then returns and is surprised that Arlong is back and that his friends are injured, and even more surprised to learn that Zoro did it, telling the crew that he just took him to Cocoyasi Village because he was looking for Arlonga and he thought Zoro was Arlonga’s guest. Which makes Arlong happy that Zoro is looking for him, Hatchan then asks who Usopp is. To prove her loyalty, Nami attacks Usopp. He announces that he will kill him and appears to stab him from Arlong’s view. Johnny watches unobserved from the bushes. Nami then pushes Usopp into the pool, which solidifies the crew’s trust in her, and reminds them again of her goal of buying back her hometown village.
Luffy, Sanji, Yosaku and Zoro arrive at Arlong Park and Momoo pulls them ashore.

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