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As Usopp runs away in fear, Trebol tells the toys to get back to work, but they are shaken by a dwarven rebellion. Barely conscious, the dwarves then call out to Usopp, still hoping that he will save them. Usopp hears their call and freezes as Trebol and Sugar question Leo about this “Usoland”. Leo tells the two that Usopp is a legendary hero who gave his word to save all dwarves and toys, and he does. Trebol laughs at the dwarves’ naivety and tells them that “Usoland” has abandoned them. The dwarves are shocked, but Leo refuses to believe that Usopp would abandon them, trusting his ‘hero’s’ word until the end. Trebol then stomps on Leo, angering the dwarves even more. Suddenly, Usopp appears and tells the dwarves to stop the charade about him.
When the toy Robin and the dwarves see Usopp, the pirate admits the truth: it is not Usoland, the heroic descendant of Mont Blanc Noland, but Usopp, one of the Straw Hat Pirates. The dwarves struggle to believe this revelation and begin to cry, but then Usopp tells Trebol that he will still save the dwarves. Before that he realized that he would not be able to rest if he knew that the dwarves had always counted on him and that it would be good to die if it was a noble death. He then states that he is Usopp, the straw pirate sniper, and that they should trust him because he has decided to become the legendary hero of Tontatta. With the rest of the toys, he wondered if he had come to save them, so he starts a new pop green in Trebol; Hissatsu Midori Boshi: The Platanus Shuriken tells Trebol it’s time to sink or swim as the attack cuts him in half.
Meanwhile, Thunder Soldier returns to his life before he was turned into a toy. At the age of 15, Kyros was arrested for the murder of two people. King Riku showed him mercy and after fighting 100 battles in the coliseum allowed him to be free, to which Kyros agrees. However, even after being acquitted, Kyros continues to fight in the arena. After 1000 victories, Riku asked why Kyros wanted to fight so much. Ironically, Kyros sadly replies that all humans will remember him as a murderer.

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