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Kyros stays in the arena for 9 years, winning battle after battle without any injury. Under the guise of Ricky, King Riku competes with Kyros and his 3000 wins and losses after inflicting a single injury on his head. Kyros knew from the beginning that he was the king and wondered why he did this. The king told Kyros that even though Kyros had taught him how to fight with a sword, he did not want him to spend his entire life fighting in the coliseum and convinced him to join the army as a captain of the guard. However, Scarlett (Princess of Dressrosa) distrusts him as she is well aware of his past as an assassin and has told him that he will never come near or touch her or her sister even though she is under his protection. That changes when she is kidnapped by pirates and rescued by Kyros. The two fall in love and eventually get married.
Due to Kyros’ past as an assassin, Scarlett convinces her father to fake her death so that she can live happily with Kyros. She eventually bears him a child whom she names Rebecca. The family spends their days in a flower field, where Riku regularly visits them. Kyros himself could not bear to touch his daughter, believing her to be too pure for an assassin to touch, and routinely wears gloves when playing with her. One day, Kyros notices a burning palace and investigates finding Riku, who is about to be captured by Doflamingo’s pirates. They cuff him with seastone cuffs and Donquijote Doflamingo offers him a chance to join their army. Kyros, seeing the man who gave him new life in terrible pain, refuses Doflamingo’s offer, cuts off his leg that was chained and is about to escape with King Riku when Sugar turns him into a toy. He still manages to escape and helps the king hide, but Riku doesn’t remember who Kyros was. With the king safely escaped, Kyros walks towards a bed of red flowers where Scarlett and Rebecca are expected to be waiting for him.
A few days after the invasion of the Quixote pirates, Scarlett went to the market to buy some food for her daughter, but was shot by the attacker. Kyros was horrified to see her here and rushed towards her while brutally striking any soldier who came near her. Then she realizes that she has forgotten everything, even their promise to hide safely where he told them to. Before her life is gone, she asks him to save Rebecca, which he willingly does.
In the present, Kyros (Toy Soldier) is pushed back to the present by Viola. They are about to be surrounded by Doflamingo’s men who curse Kin’emon as he was dressed as a ‘young master’ (Doflamingo). Toy Soldier considers assassinating Doflamingo immediately because if they don’t act quickly, they would miss this opportunity.
In the Corrida Colosseum, Sabo and Burgess’ fight continues and Burgess’s attacks threaten to tear the Colosseum apart. Many of the soldiers realize that another strong attack like the one before would break the foundations and destroy the entire coliseum. Meanwhile, Bartolomeo tries to protect Rebecca as instructed by Saba, but Diamante confirms to Rebecca that he was the one who shot her mother, traumatizing her into defenselessness.
Franky lies heavily defeated by the combined attack of the Marines and the Doflamingo family. He hoped that Usopp would be able to deal a crippling blow to the entire Doflamingo operation. The dwarves of Tontatta cheer on Usopp as ‘Usoland’ fights. Many of the slave toys heard that Usoland would save them and silently cheered that he would save them from their terrible fate.
However, Usopp had already been defeated by Trebol’s sticky web, and the dwarves fell into despair. Trebol gets a call from Doflamingo, who has asked Sugar to come back to him immediately. Before she did, she decided to feed an apparently poisonous orb to Usopp as a final insult for trying to kill her. But swallowing the Tatababasco ball causes Usopp to suddenly regain consciousness, his face in an unimaginable expression of pain and agony with his tongue caught in the flames, along with a horrifying scream. Caught off guard by this unexpected display, Sugar was startled enough to pass out in fear, causing Usopp to emerge victorious in the battle, leaving the dwarves speechless at the unexpected turn of events.

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