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The factory leaders watch as the former toys attempt to attack the SMILE factory and are convinced that they will not be able to destroy Doflamingo’s most valuable building as it is made of Seastone and is guarded by Diamante and Trebol, who have already defeated many of the former toys.
At the trading port, Sabo, Koala, and Hack meet Robin, who is revealed to be familiar with all three. Robin introduces them to Usopp, whose beaten face scares them. Meanwhile, Kin’emon hurries out of the palace and uses his Doflamingo disguise to get through the crowd. And on the King’s Plateau, in front of the castle tower, Zoro searches for Pico to no avail.
Inside the royal palace, Kyros is enraged that the headless Doflamingo is alive and charges at him to finish the job. However, another Doflamingo suddenly appears behind him, ready to return the favor and give a proper demonstration of how to decapitate someone. Doflamingo then launches a giant kick that separates the palace tower from the rest of the building, but Luffy manages to pull Kyros out of the way. Both the real and decapitated Doflamingo rise up and attack Luffy, shocking Baby 5, but Luffy dodges their blow. Forgiving Kyros for letting his guard down, Luffy attacks Doflamingo with the Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. However, Doflamingo is unharmed due to covering his body in Busoshoku Haki, and decapitated Doflamingo slashes Luffy with his string powers. Eventually, Doflamingo finishes the fight by punching Luffy in the face with Haki.
Shocked, Kyros and Viola wonder who the decapitated Doflamingo really is, and Viola thinks he’s some kind of puppet. Doflamingo then asks King Riku if he remembers how he was forced to kill his own subjects 10 years ago; which confuses and infuriates the former king and questions his motives for causing this incident. Doflamingo responds to Rik’s exasperated expression by saying that what happens now would seem pleasant in comparison. Riku is unwilling to let Doflamingo do such a thing, but is unable to do anything before Doflamingo orders Pico to remove his opposition from the palace. Pica obligingly obliges and blasts them all with a giant stone hand and they fall to the ground dozens of feet below. As he falls, Riku pleads with Doflamingo to stop hurting Dressrose as he, Viola, Kyros, and Law land on Luffy’s balloon. The five watch from the Tower Gardens, unable to get back to the palace, as Doflamingo’s severed puppet splits into dozens of strings and begins the Bird Cage.
Law tells Luffy, Viola, and Kyros that Doflamingo’s birdcage will trap all the people on Dressros and kill them before they can get word of Doflamingo’s actions. Every citizen in Dressros panics as ropes surround the island, and one pirate’s attempt to escape reveals that an attempt to break through ends up cutting the fugitive. With ropes encircling the entire country, it looks like everyone is in a giant cage with no way out. The marines attempt to contact headquarters and quickly realize that the cage is blocking all transmissions, and some of them suddenly start attacking the citizens of Dressrosa, having lost control of their actions due to Doflamingo controlling them with the Parasite. The chaos then only gets worse as Pica causes the royal palace, the SMILE factory and the flower hill to rise from the ground. Doflamingo then broadcasts his voice over Dressrosa and tells the citizens that he should have ruled as a tyrant for the entire ten years. He then challenges all of his enemies to either try to kill him or kill his targets in order to survive.

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