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Doflamingo continues his broadcast, informing the citizens of Dressrosa that escape from his birdcage, as well as communication with the outside world, is impossible. He asks them if they will all be killed because he used his powers to make random citizens kill others or if they will be able to end his game.
As Issho puts off the controlled marines, the former toys in the underground port are shocked that the SMILE factory has gone up in the air. However, they are certain that this gives them a chance to escape thanks to their “god”, Usopp. Meanwhile, at Kin’emon Harbor, Bartolomeo and Rebecca meet up with Robin, Usopp, Sabo, Koala, Hack and the dwarves. Kin’emon talks about how the citizens of Dressrosa tried to kill him because they thought he was Doflamingo because he was wearing a Doflamingo disguise. While sucking on Robin, Bartolomeo notices that Usopp has a long nose, similar to Sogeking, his nickname. Robin tells him that they are one and the same, causing Bartolomeo to scream in amazement, making Sabo and Hack very angry. Kin’emon checks on the dwarves, praising them for their fighting skills, while they check on Kaba and Rampa, who returned from the palace incapacitated.
The carnage in the streets of Dressrosa continues and Doflamingo reflects that it was very similar to the incident he caused ten years ago. The controlled citizens and their victims also come to terms with the incident and finally understand that King Riku and his army were controlled that night. As King Riku continues to plead with Doflamingo to stop the massacre, Doflamingo offers the former toys and people clamoring for his head an ultimatum: make the wrong choice and come for his head in a never-ending game, or “bring justice” to the 12 people on the island who represent the greatest a threat to the Donquijote family. Each target is worth a certain number of “stars” and Doflamingo will pay a reward of 100 million per star. Rewards are awarded as follows:
1 star: Rebecca, Nico Robin, Kin’emon, Viola, Franky
2 stars: Roronoa Zoro, Kyros
3 stars: Sabo, Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar Law, Riku Doldo III
The announcement of the rewards causes a flurry of mixed reactions of shock, disbelief and excitement; both that some of the targets are still alive after all this time (King Riku and Kyros) and others that humans are even present on Dressros (like Sabo). Back at the trading port, just as Usopp begins to rejoice at being left out, Doflamingo offers a final, special 5-star reward just for the “god” Usopp for his role in the previous events. This immediately causes the former toys who had just worshiped him to now turn against him for the reward, much to Usopp’s dismay. They also quickly turn their attention to Robin, Sabo, Rebecca, and Kin’emon for the rewards, who they feel they need to escape quickly. However, while everyone else moves to get above ground, Kin’emon decides to jump further down to the Scrap Pile under the pretense that Kanjuro might be there.
Doflamingo further states that the clock is ticking as people are being killed by the second due to his manipulation. We are brought back to the streets of Dressrosa, where the citizens who understood King Rik’s actions ten years ago are now torn about what to do. Senor Pink, Machvise and Dellinger also notice that Franky has somehow escaped their sight. Back at the trading port, Bartolomeo urges Robin’s group to stick to the surface while he creates a large barrier to prevent the former toys from pursuing them. Zoro calls Robin through the Den Den Mushi and it is revealed that he met Luffy and the others that Pico kicked out of the palace. Luffy takes over the conversation with Robin and they update each other on current events, noticing that Kyros has disappeared.
Luffy referring to Kyros as “Soldier-San”, as well as Rebecca’s own memories of the soldier, lead her to reveal that the soldier, the statue in the Corrida Colosseum, and Kyros are her father. As she begins to break down, Luffy encourages her to stay strong. She apologizes for not being able to eat the Mera Mera no Mi, but instead promises to defeat Doflamingo and restore order to the land. This unsettles Law as he reminds Luffy that the plan was not to kill Doflamingo so that he would be left holding the cards of his failure in front of Kaida. Killing him would thus direct the Emperor’s aggression towards their alliance instead. Luffy brushes it off, firmly believing that the current state of affairs will not improve unless he takes action. A short scene of the Marines is shown, with Admiral Fujitora and Vice Admiral Bastille reminding their forces that their target is the Law and Straw Hat Alliance, not Doflamingo. Convinced to help his new friends, Luffy grabs Law and Zoro and heads straight for Doflamingo’s palace.

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