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Donquijote Doflamingo confronts Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Ucy, who have fallen down a slanted well on the first level of the King’s Plateau. Angered by his presence, Luffy immediately tries to punch Doflamingo, but he blocks it effortlessly. After mocking them for being trapped, Doflamingo fires a string shot at the bull, incapacitating it and knocking Luffy into the water as well. He further mocks them for how easily they were defeated, but still praises Luffy for his ability to gather allies, especially under these circumstances. He wonders why Law chose Luffy and accuses Law of being a coward. This angers Law, who shouts that he will never be like Doflamingo after being “saved”. As Doflamingo prepares to fire another bullet, he is slashed and stabbed from behind by Abdullah and Jeet.
This Doflamingo turns out to be a clone as well, but Abdullah and Jeet get Luffy, Law, and the bull out of the water instead. After rescuing them, Jeet reveals that Kelly Funk betrayed them; however, a clone of Doflamingo appeared and slashed him down. Abdullah informs Law and Luffy that the Colosseum army has reached level 2, meanwhile Kyros has advanced to level one. The Donquixote leadership notices that none of the Colosseum Army has been stopped by the marines, and they prepare for battle. Luffy breaks through the ceiling of the well and creates his own passage to the second level right in front of the Coliseum army. While Gladius berates the Donquixote subordinates for allowing themselves to be distracted, Chinjao takes advantage of the chaos resulting from Luffy’s actions and pushes his way towards the third level.
Back on the former royal plateau, Bartolomeo, Nico Robin, and Rebecca are confused by Tontatta’s suggestion to take the hornbills to the Flower Field on the 4th level. Leo explains that the bugs instead provide a “jumping service” because humans are too big to fly. They jump off the cliff and notice that the bugs are flying in a circle between them not to fly away but to keep them afloat in the air. Leo goes on to explain that if they land on the roof, they can then jump to gain more height and continue swimming. They head to the Flower Fields, with Leo warning them to watch out for attacks from below.
Inhel and another Tontatta arrived at the site of the SMILE factory. They inform Franky that they have a plan to get in, but demand that he deal with Senor Pink first. He agrees while being slammed from behind by Pink. Atop Pico’s large stone body, Roronoa Zoro enjoys his clash with Pico’s true form. At ground level, Sabo is still clashing heavily with Admiral Fujitora. Back on the second floor of the royal palace, Cavendish tells Luffy to listen to the plan he has.
At the royal palace, Doflamingo notes that his clone was unable to achieve its goal. He asks Diamante and Trebol if they remember the day they met Law. Diamante thinks about how crazy he was while Doflamingo laments that he has to kill him because he remembers how much Law looked like him. He recalls his first memory of young Law: a small child bursting into his palace with his entire body covered in explosives. He asks Doflamingo to let him join his crew as he wants to destroy everything he sees. He goes on to say that he grew up in a white town and doesn’t have much time to live.

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