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At the Dressrosa junkyard, Kin’emon finds his friend Kanjur and sheds tears of joy at the reunion. The Dressrosa soldiers notice Kanjuro come out of the wall as Kin’emon apologizes for keeping him waiting. Kanjuro says there’s no need to apologize and says he knew she’d come back for him with the self-shredded cabbage in her hand. He offers some to Kin’emon, who declines, saying that the cabbage hurts his stomach. He tells Kanjuro that he has a lot to tell him and that he must leave immediately because of the situation at the top of Dressrosa. Kanjuro agrees and draws a bird on the wall, shouting “get out” as his drawing comes to life, much to the shock of the citizens and soldiers of Dressrosa. They note that despite the fact that the sketch is alive, his drawing is terrible and he seems to barely be able to fly. Before they leave, one of the imprisoned citizens asks the samurai to allow the others to accompany them, saying that they all have family on the island and want to be reunited with them.
The scene changes back to the Dressrosa battlefield as members of the Donquijote family try to stop Luffy, Law, Cavendish, and Kyros (all on Farula) from moving forward, only to be kicked away by Blue Gilly. Dellinger then rushes in from behind and kicks him with his Decapitation High Heal, defeating him. Luffy notices this, but is told not to be distracted by Cavendish. He goes on to say that Doflamingo’s whole Bird Cage game is a farce and that even if he delivers all 12 people on Doflamingo’s hit list, he will never let anyone live when the knowledge of his weapon and toy dealing is gone. In other words, they are all guaranteed to be dead. He states that Doflamingo will stop at nothing to make sure this information does not get out, effectively isolating Dressrosa Island from the rest of the world. In other words, the only way to survive and get off the island is to take Doflamingo’s head. He states that although Doflamingo is one step ahead of everyone else, his grave flaw is having so many powerful fighters on the island, including Sai, Idea, and Hajrudin, who will clash with the Donquijot family officers. Once Cavendish states that he will take Doflamingo’s head, Luffy, Law, and Kyros all disagree and reply that they will take Doflamingo’s head. Luffy reminds Kyros that he wanted Diamond’s head, but Kyros replies that taking Doflamingo’s head would restore King Riku’s honor and pay off his 10-year debt. This prompts Law to state that he has a thirteen-year-old debt and Luffy to state that he has a thirty-year-old one, prompting Cavendish to snap at him for lying to make himself look good. Once they reach the third level, they are confronted by large puppets.
The scene changes to Zoro vs Pica. Pica is struggling in his fight with Zoro as Zoro taunts him about trying to take Luffy’s head. Pica charges his weapon at Zoro, but the swordsman slashes his arm, turning Pica into a stone statue. They then link up behind Zoro and strike Pulposton, but Zoro dodges and notices Robin’s group flying above him. While Zoro asks how they fly, Bartolomeo is happy to see Zoro again and asks for his autograph. Rebecca notices Pic in fear while Robin asks Zoro to keep Pic busy so they can reach level four. Zoro agrees, just as Bartolomeo notices that Pica has once again merged with the large stone body. Pica points a fist at them while Bartolomeo panics and says he won’t be able to block something that big. Zoro then uses Senhachi’s Pound Ho on the large stone arm and ends up injuring Pica. As Rebecca and Robin stare in relief and amazement, Zoro tells Pico that the greatest threats to the Straw Hats are not only “God Usopp” and “Straw Hat Luffy”, but also himself, declaring that one day becomes the greatest swordsman. in the world and that Pica was never in his league. Bartolomeo then cries uncontrollably at Zoro’s actions.

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